Friday, December 21, 2007

Google Earth

Assignments for Friday:

Web 1: Evaluate your exam on blog. What went well? Do you feel confident in your HTML skills? Who do you think did the best exam? Then do the Google Earth assignment.

Web 2: Finish your draft and submit to Lauren in the UDrive. Then do the Google Earth assignment.

Web 3: Google Earth testing and blog entry.

Yesterday an issue with our firewall was resolved so now we have access to Google Earth. We will spend today exploring the program. Google Earth is a program that is starting many trends in web design (remember Google maps and Google Earth is a profound shift forward in how we process and present information.

Check out this (some content seems to be blocked):
Google Earth Blog
Google Earth: education

Things to find (some of these might require extra google skills):
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Yankee Stadium
Science station on Antartica
Google's headquarters in California
The Pyramids of Egypt
The Great Wall of China
Then play around with the program. What do you think?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Web 1 Exam

Web 1 exams are due today. Please save your folders to the correct spot in the UDrive and test your work. Be sure that you have completed the assignment (go back and check!!).

I highly advise you have a friend check your work in the UDrive.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Good essay from David Pogue about accessibility. Check it out.

This link is from the HTML tutorial and explains how to embed a Flash movie.

Web 3 has been working on their thinkQuest projects and we think we have the leading candidates for project ideas:

  • Desserts around the world. Connect desserts with geography and history. Do the desserts of Mexico have similarities to the desserts of Spain?
  • Impact of LED lights. How can the switch from old light bulbs to LEDs have an impact on the environment? If we replace all the lights in Times Square with LED lights how much energy will we save?
  • Viking Mythology. Where are there traces of Viking mythology around the world? Did the travels of the Vikings in the Middle Ages produce a lasting cultural impact in other mythologies?
  • Backtracking. Are there hidden messages in albums?
  • Body image in different cultures. What is beautiful? Is the idea of beauty different around the world?

What do you think? Should we include other ideas?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today I am away at a special education workshop.

Web3: Continue to refine your list of 12 category ideas. Use the web and other students blogs to find the BEST idea for each category. Leave comments on blogs to start conversations around topics.

Web2: Yes, you can make decisions when the teacher is not in the room. Lauren will lead a discussion about format. Try to make decisions as a group about how long each chapter should be, the format, and the activities.

Web1: Continue coding.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I was really happy with our progress on our projects last Friday. Things have been a bit crazy the past few weeks with all the weather related days. We must keep our deadlines however.

I will not be in class tomorrow. I am at a Special Education workshop all day. I will be back for the schools Winter Concert tomorrow night.


Web3: Make two comments on student blogs about topics. Continue topic research.

Web2: Submit summary/outline to Lauren. We MUST finish the first draft of our chapters this week. All work should be saved in the UDrive.

Web1: Continue working on exam.

On a non-exam note there was some interesting reading in the NYTimes this weekend:
1. Food issues.
2. Middle Schools
3. Cyberbullying

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Friday, December 14, 2007


Last week most of us did a decision making activity in our Advisory Meetings. This past week has been an interesting study in how famous athletes make decisions. Has Roger Clemens suddenly switched from the greatest pitcher of all time to a cheater? Every story about his retirement and fight to get in the Hall of Fame will now include information about how he cheated by using steroids. Little decisions make a difference. What would you want in your wikipedia entry?

Web 1 will start the 2nd part of the exam.

Web 2: Get summary/outline done today.

Web 3: Continue with ideas for Thinkquest.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Web 1 Exam

Web 1 Exam Part One. This is due by midnight on 12/13. Part two will be posted Thursday.

Web 2 will be working on their Lulu book.

Web 3 will start their ThinkQuest.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday schedule

In all classes today I will be working on progress report grading. Be sure to have all work completed and checked.

Web 1: Help classmates finish work. If done, clean up blog, work on Flash/Fireworks tutorials, or play with Scratch. Tomorrow we start the marking period exam.

Web 2: Launch Lulu project.

Web 3: Finish or improve Fireworks assignment. Tomorrow we launch the Thinkquest contest.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Pearl Harbor Day

Thursday, December 06, 2007


We will work on our Fireworks assignment today. This assignment will connect with tomorrow's celebration of Pearl Harbor Day.

The image you see here was a propaganda image from the war that was produced in 1942. However, it may give you ideas on how to blend images, text, and emotion.

More information on Pearl Harbor Day can be found here:

Your assignment is to design an image that celebrates the 66th anniversary of the date. You will use Fireworks and choose the appropriate tool or tools for your image. My favorite image will be displayed on this blog.

Assignment parameters:
1. You set up the image size when you create a new document: Height=300 pixels, Width =600 pixels.
2. Your images MUST be non-copyrighted. I will publish this!!
3. You must be able to defend your choice of a tool in your blog post.
4. You must include "66th Anniversary" and "December 7, 1941" somewhere in your image.
5. You must finish by the end of the period Friday.
6. Save in Udrive when done (bschneiderpearl)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today most of Web 1 and Web 2 will start the Fireworks tutorials. We only spend a few days on this. Mainly so you stop using MSPaint.

Some of the tutorials do not quite match the Fireworks we have. Just be aware of that. Use the help menu to find help find any buttons that may have moved in the newer version.

Anyone who missed the Flash quiz yesterday should see me.

The Lulu books are getting started. For more information click here.

  • I will choose the editors. If you have a real desire to be an editor see me.
  • Editors will choose their authors.
  • Other classes are getting involved. Mr. Pagliaro is starting a Lulu project today.

The idea is to create an "old-school" document (a book) along with a "new-school" component (a website). By making these connections I hope we can develop some serious understanding of the literacy involved.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Web 3:

Save draft of project to Udrive by end of period. Save in folder as normal. Save both project and movie. We will get comments back and do any revisions tomorrow.

Web 1 and Web 2:

Quiz today on Flash Introduction. In the UDrive-WebSchneider is a Flash Movie called "FlashQuiz". Watch movie and then I ask that you replicate this movie. This movie contains a motion tween, a shape tween, and two layers. When done you want to "Export Movie". Save movie to folder in Udrive (bschneider-flashmovie).

I will not help you on the quiz. You need to figure this one out yourself.

Monday, December 03, 2007


OLPC was featured on 60 Minutes last night. Was an interesting profile that talked about the difficulty of creating a computer that would work in harsh conditions but also the difficulty the OLPC people are having in distributing these computers.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Everyone will be working on Flash now.

Web 3:

Create a 15 or 30 second web-commercial advertisement for "Suzy's Hair Salon". Don't go crazy with this, it is just to practice writing a script and recording sound. We now have 5-6 microphones to use.

Required elements:

  • A script.
  • Start button and "play again" button.
  • Voice-over that you record. Sound tutorial.

Web 2 and Web 1:

You will work on the motion and shape tween tutorials for Flash. I will demonstrate each at the beginning of class then you will play with them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today I expect a visting teacher from the middle school in the morning so I may be a bit occupied (be patient). I am working hard on getting the Lulu and Thinkquest assignments ready (I have assigned one person already as an editor) and hope to get those assignments fleshed out this week. I am collaborating with other teachers on all of this so I have to run a lot through them.


Web 3:

  • Be sure you have checked and completed your Flower assignment and the blog entries associated with it.
  • Clean up blog entries (spelling, grammer, etc..).
  • Progress report check.
  • Make at least one substantial and specific comment on a classmates blog that continues a conversation. "Good job" does not continue a conversation.
  • Explore and analyze Is this a fundamental shift on how we search for information? Is this a fundamental change in how maps are produced? Or is it the same concepts--just packaged differently?

Web 2:

  • Complete Form/Map Quiz.
  • Make any needed changes to improve format of WHS page.
  • Progress report check.
  • Make at least one substantial and specific comment on a classmates blog that continues a conversation. "Good job" does not continue a conversation.

Web 1:

  • Explore and analyze Is this a fundamental shift on how we search for information? Is this a fundamental change in how maps are produced? Or is it the same concepts--just packaged differently?
  • Make at least one substantial and specific comment on a classmates blog that continues a conversation. "Good job" does not continue a conversation.
  • Yes, we are going to be in a "holding pattern" for a few days while I get every person done with Project Six. Be patient--but do something. Choices: Scratch, clean blog, help classmate, play 3rd world farmer.

Plan for the next week or so:

Web 3: Project assignment (Lulu, Thinkquest, or both).

Web 2 and Web 1: Flash introduction.


Practice exams posted around December 15 (we work on them until break)

After break:

Small projects/units and prep for exam. Just a note that I take the exams very seriously and they will be a challenge. I will give you lots of time to prepare. You can get ideas of what to expect by looking at last years exams in the UDrive and the assignments on the wiki.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Web 3:

1. For most users the major difference I see between Flash and Scratch is the simplicity of the actions. You were all able to make your animations do something fairly easily. Of course, the actual making of the animations is easier and more powerful in Flash. But....what if you spent a few weeks using Scratch as you did Flash??
2. Please focus today on actionscripts and buttons. I want everyone's movies to have working buttons by the end of the period. Work together. Try to figure out more than one way to make your button work (script, using menus, different codes, etc...). Post a correct method/tutorial for adding a Start Button on your blog.

Web 2:

Quiz: Add a survey and map/movie to your Watertown High School website.

  • Survey/Form: What would a high school use a form for? Keep the form simple and be sure to link back to home page.
  • Map: Create a map that gives "directions" from Seymour High School to Watertown High School. This is an adaptation of the skills you learned when you made your RV travel around Florida. You will probably want to create the map yourself rather than trying to download one. I realize this map may be a bit clunky.

Web 1:

1. Bookwork. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable up to Chapter 6 before we move on. If you feel completely comfortable then help a neighbor. prepared, this site is amazing.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today we will examine the Scratch programming system. Scratch was developed at the MIT Media Lab (where Negroponte-the inventor of the One Laptop is from). I think it is intended primarily for younger students than you, but it does present some very complex programming concepts.

Check out some of the news about Scratch. Notice that much of the news is another language than English. Is there an assumption in the world of the inventor and business that you speak more than one language??

Here are some ideas to get started. You must do at least one of these.

Here is the Guide to Scratch.

So please test and play with this program today. Read some of the press, search for more information, check for blog references to the program. Be sure you complete at least one of the ideas.

Answer the following questions on your blog (include links!):
1. What did you do with Scratch today? Share any insights to the program that might help your classmates.
2. Is this a valuable program? What criteria should we use? Be specific! Use Web Design terms!!
3. For Web3: Compare Scratch to Flash.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Recently, I have been obsessed with energy usage in my home. I have been looking at various ways to monitor how many watts I use daily and how certain things draw electricity. I want one of these for Christmas.

I am an Oberlin alum so I have followed their work with the Lewis Environmental Center. Oberlin has been a leader in "green design".

So I thought; "If I can monitor the watts being used in my house, what about at SHS?" So I checked the Oberlin website and I found that they have a website dedicated to monitoring the impact of the Lewis Center AND they monitor the energy use of buildings around campus. Very, very cool!

I did some more searching and found the Lucid Design Group and their page from Williamstown Elementary School. This might be my website of the year. The usability rating for this is through the roof. No extra info, perfectly formatted, speaks directly to the target audience.

I am convinced that these monitors save energy because people instinctively will try to lower the figures on the charts. Do we know how much energy we waste at home or here in school? Could we make a significant impact on our energy footprint? This may become the most important issue of your lifetime. What tools will you create for this environment?

Todays blog entry will be about these websites. Please write about their usability and accessibility. What thoughts do you have about how we can use the web and our global network to find solutions to our growing climate crisis?

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Things to do...

This will be a crazy week.

Everyone will be working on their projects:
Web 1: Frames
Web 2: Movies and Timelines
Web 3: Flash Movie replicating.

Please also check out Scratch and Squeek programming. I want to start doing more game and simulation programming and I read that these might be the platforms to use. The files are in the UDrive if anything doesnt load. Using this could you create a much cooler "Faces" assignment???

Now its tempting to just play the games they have. I want you to MAKE the games--not just play them. This might be a good project for home as well.

Please make a blog entry each day. What did you do? What did you learn?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Web 3

Web 3 assignment: Replicate this movie in Flash.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flatclassroom Evaluations

We are once again part of a global collaborative project: The Flatclassroom Project. We are the lead class of peer evaluators for this project. As you know, we work very hard in class on evaluating the work of our friends and classmates. Today you will give feedback to students who are involved in this project. Before you begin we will review our evaluation protocal, words to use, and phrases to start with.
Who is involved in the project? Click here. Be sure to know where these students are located before you begin. While all of these students speak and write English, most are not from America.

Your assignment is posted here. Be sure to really check your writing on this one. Its important.

Once you complete your blog entry I will post all the entries on this page.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

The armistice treaty ending the "Great War" was signed on November 11, 1918. It is said that throughout the world nobody had seen so much rejoicing. The world had just experienced unimaginable turmoil, suffering, and pain.

The following year Armistice Day was established on November 11. President Woodrow Wilson said:

To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nation.

It was a tradition for many years that at 11am on Armistice Day that all traffic would stop, conversations cease, and all focus be made on remembering those who had sacrificed.

In 1953, in Kansas, a town observed "Veterans Day". They felt this paid tribute to the veterans who had served in World War II and the Korean War. While there was much optimism in the country at the time there was also an incredible need to remember those who had served and sacrificed. Vast amounts of men had not come home from these wars.

Congress thought this was a great idea and in 1954 made Veterans Day a national holiday.

Many of you have friends, brothers, sister, fathers, or mothers who have served. If you have a story about them you want to tell please do so today.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Image Map

Click here for the Quiz.

Stories you should read:

1. What is happening in Pakistan. You have all studied democratic movements, but these modern movements have a twist that we focus on here--technology. Actions that happen in Pakistan are reported instantly. Does this help democracy? I am not sure. Does this allow the marginalized voice to be heard? Certainly.

Do not be ignorant of what is happening in the world. It effects you directly. Just ask your brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Be informed!

2. Are newspapers disappearing? Newspapers have been a fabric of our society for decades. Now, while printed newspapers are disappearing online news is increasing its audience. So, is the definition of newspaper changing?

3. Really interesting article about girls in high school. The competition is increasing. Check the interactive feature on the page. Nicely designed web page combining video, pictures, and text.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am working this week on developing three project choices for students. These would be a focus for students joining me for the second semester, but any students are welcome to get involved.

1. Thinkquest is a national competition that has serious projects and serious prizes. Check it out. I will choose the elite team for this competition.
2. I want us to start publishing books that go in our libary, you can give as gifts, or you can put on your resume. (currently blocked--no idea why?)allows us to do that. Want to become a published author? We will have a designed project on family history but we could also publish books on web design, blogging, or even the SHS soccer team.
3. The third project is the Fox 61 student news program. This is a great opportunity for you. Again, prizes, resume building, and EXPERIENCE!

I will be working on the formal process soon. If you have ideas, please let me know.

If want you to think of using web design to work on a project for another class. Faculty have specifically offered to work with us. So---do you have a project that could get graded in both classes? Do you have an "essay" that you could instead do a website, movie, or Flash display? We encourage you to suggest alternative assessments.

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Here is my track advertisement:

Track starts November 26. For years Seymour has been one of the only schools that started track in March. All others started in November. The Indoor season for track is, in my opinion, the most exciting season. 1500 athletes in a fieldhouse is an absolute circus.

I believe in working my athletes exceptionally hard. We are here to win and to win the right way.

If you are ready to work join us at a meeting after school on Monday November 12.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things to check out

Check these out and put them in your favorites.

CSS Examples: A good place to get some help with your page coding.
Fireworks Tutorials: Some of these are really good tutorials, some are a bit confusing.
Dreamweaver Tutorials: Web 2 and Web 3 should start working on these. Swap images, behaviors, jump menus, and layers are all good things to review.

Web 1: We are going to plow through the book.
Web 2: We are going to plow through the book.
Web 3: Reviewing Dreamweaver.

Monday, November 05, 2007

End of Exams!

I will spend most of today doing the remainder of the grading. As of 7am Monday morning the highest grade is 100 and the lowest grade is a 66. Overall: good job.

I have been impressed by the depth of your evaluations. Also, how some of you use HTML to improve the usability of your blog (check here). On the blogmeister I give some examples of outstanding work that you can find in the Udrive.

Today you will do the following:
1. Take ten minutes to look at student work and then leave comments.
2. Leave comments on two students blogs on why you think their work is outstanding. Use the language of evaluations (phrases, adjectives, terms, etc...) that we talked about this week.

After the ten minutes looking at student work then:

1. Play one of these serious games:

2. Leave time to answer the following question on your blog:

  • Should serious games have a larger role in learning? Be sure to provide a link to an example of a serious game.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Today we finish the exam. Follow all directions!

If you are done then practice with your catapult. (as of Period 2 this wasnt loading....)


3D Farming: Can you succeed as a farmer?
3D Architecture: Can you build a successful house.
Tall Buildings: Super-cool site about tall buildings
Power Play: Can you build a better mousetrap?

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today, Thursday, I will be in and out of the room most of the day. I apologize, it is beyond my control....

Checklist for exam:
1. Web 2 and Web 1: Do you have a link to a blog on your subject?
2. Citations are formatted properly.
3. Alt text, titled pages, etc...
4. Saved in Udrive correctly, checked all files.

When Done:
1. Save folder in udrive: bschneiderdogs-DONE. When it is marked Done I know to grade it.
2. Complete and score evaluation and submit on blog.
3. Move on in tutorials or book.

I leave for the State Open tomorrow at lunch time so tomorrow I will not be in Period 6 or Period 7. On Monday I wil miss Period 7 as Mrs. Schneider has a hospital appointment I need to be at. So....7th period especially needs to make sure they send me a question if they have any!!! Use your blog.

I really apologize for the disruption this causes.

Monday we will move on and do any last minute grade fixes. I will have to spend Monday grading your exams. Be patient.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today we will spend about 15 minutes peer-evaluating our exams. Start adding to your vocabulary the adjectives (creative, professional, interesting, thoughtful) and terms (usability, bias, layout, format) and statements ("I noticed that...") needed for these evaluations.

Final exam deadline is Friday. Be sure you are working on your self-evaluations.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


A cold quickly attacked me yesterday and has completely overtaken me. I will not be in today. Again. I ask that those who feel they are done work on their evaluations today. If I am upright I will try to leave comments during the day.

Anyway, I have tried to take the philosophy that it is better to stay home and avoid sneezing all over you guys all day. But I know some of you need guidance as the projects get completed. Hopefully I am in tomorrow and we can do the planned activity to check our work.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Today rough drafts of your exam are due. Final drafts by Friday--no exceptions. I have seen all of you use this exam to make progress in your learning. Don't have a deadline screw this up--be sure to get your work done.

Please put drafts in the Udrive as you go. That way in "case of emergency" you have your latest work saved.

You must complete this exam evaluation by Friday at midnight if you want credit for the exam. I would start that work now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I will post exam thoughts throughout the day here. A few early reminders:

1. Citations!! Work on this.
2. Your site should be visual and interactive. Give a the reader something to click on.
3. If you write paragraphs be sure it is in three dimensions by including linked text.
4. Modern design is essential. It is hard to find a legitimate website with anything but a white background. Many of you are using pictures as backgrounds and it just doesn't work. Sorry.
5. Dog link.
6. For Dreamweaver movies vs. Windows Movie Maker. Go to Flash. Import the movie you made in Movie Maker. When you save the movie in Flash you can then embed that Flash movie in Dreamweaver.
7. Olivia's Blog has the code to embed a movie in HTML.

Please make a blog entry today about your exam progress. I hope you have learned something in the last few days. A great entry will be very clear to the reader about your exam. Use descriptive details, talk about examples you have seen in the UDrive, link to information or students blogs that you have enjoyed.

Here are an example example2 from the NY Times of how graphics and images can improve the usability of your page. Can you compare and contrast these pages with the ones you are creating (graphics, font, background, link set-up, etc...)?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CECA Update

I am here at CECA listening to the keynote address by Dr. Henry Lee. He is talking through the cases that he has worked on (OJ, Vincent Foster, JFK). Very interesting. My presentation is at 11am and I will update more later.


I finished my presentation a few moments ago. There were about eighty educators in the room and it was a lively discussion. I spoke about what goes on in our class and how writing is undergoing a fundamental shift from two dimensions to three dimensions.

I showed them your clustrmaps, a few of your blogs, and the survey we took a few weeks ago. I think everyone enjoyed it and I predict that many educators will be visiting your blogs today. If you are a "visitor" and reading this I encourage you to click on this blogmeister link and leave comments on the students blogs! Or here on this blog! Don't be afraid....

I am sitting in the room that they set aside for presenters. It is nice and quiet and they have really nice chairs, Cokes, and snacks. Of course, it is nice to have wireless access as well.

I hope things are going well in school and I hope to see great progress on your exams when I return tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

This week

This week will be devoted to your exams. I will be checking work on Monday and Wednesday.

It will be an interesting week for me. On Tuesday I am presenting a blogging workshop at the Connecticut Educator's Computer Association conference in Hartford. I usually bring back lots of new ideas. On Thursday and Friday I will be at a workshop along with five other teachers and administrators related to including students with special needs in the classroom.

I set up the schedule so you had one week of exams before I missed time, and one week after I get back so it should work out fine. I do expect a complete draft of your exam to be done on Monday so we can talk about revisions. Final drafts are due November 2. No exceptions.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Movie Maker

We have been taking very short tours (10 minutes or so) of some of the programs available on your computer. On Wednesday we looked at Audacity.

It is important to note that if we took time to learn all the programs on your computer from first to last program by the time we got to the last program the first program would already be obsolete. It is impossible to keep up.

So I believe in the just in time, just enough theory of learning. If you take charge of your learning you learn what you need to complete a project.

Today we will look at Windows Movie Maker. Here are three examples from last year that we posted on Each of these videos have had over 2500 hits.


Notice that none of those videos used copyrighted images or music. We create original work here. Their assignment was to create a 28 second long Public Service Announcement. Did you notice how they used music to create an emotion?

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Exam Thoughts

Some random exam thoughts:

1. Think before you start coding your page. Think about usability, bias, accessibility. Remember your audience is a 5th grader. Can they find the answer to the question?
2. Is your site interactive or does it look like an essay? Is there stuff for a kid to click on?
3. Have you really thought about your layout and how many pages/frames/links make it most usable? Don't put in 10 links simply because you can.
4. Citation page is essential.
5. The Japanese keyboard question should not be just a description of the keyboard. Be sure to find an expert to consult (use blogs!). Do people ACTUALLY use it the way it is described in wikipedia.
6. The iTunes question is not about iTunes, it is about musicians and their music. Will they record more or less? Find data to back up your claim.
7. Tell a story! Don't write an essay!

Above all, expect to revise, rewrite, and revisit your sites many times.

Several blogs got comments from New Zealand yesterday!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Web 1 Exam.

All exams are posted now. All exams are due November 2.

Please do the following today for your exam:
1. Create a folder in your Favorites section of your browser. Call it "Exam".
2. When you research information, put relevant pages in this folder. Remember that you must have a professional citations page for your exam.
3. Create a blog entry about your progress on the exam. Your blog is where you can show evidence of collaboration. Connect with someone who is doing your topic. If you have trouble finding someone leave a comment on my blogmeister so you are easier to find.

Examples from prior years are in the Udrive.

Good luck!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Survey Results

Here are the results of the blogging survey. We had 68 total responses.

1. I have viewed or edited my blogmeister from home.
Yes 76%
No 24%

2. I have edited an article in blogmeister to improve it or fix a mistake.
Yes 80%
No 20%

3. I have read other students work in blogmeister.
Yes 95%
No 5%

4. I write more in blogmeister than I would if I wrote using pen and paper.

Yes 47%
No 53%

5. I monitor my clustrmap and read counts on my blog to see if people read my work.
Yes 59%
No 41%

6. I learn something by reading other students blogs.
Yes 89%
No 11%

7. Writing in a blog is more fun than writing on paper.

Yes 76%
No 24%


Please take the survey first today.


Web3: Exam work. By Monday you should have a working outline for your story.
Web2: Grading Project 3 and Project 4.
Web1: grading Project 3.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TED Talks

(this is Thursday assignment. I put it up early as some will be out tomorrow).

One thing you want to do in life is get around smart people. I was lucky to go to a school that had really, really smart people around. Listening to them makes life interesting.

Many of you have seen some of the TED talks before. TED is a place where smart people get together and kind of do a show and tell.

I would like you to watch at least one video today from start to finish. I give you some prompts to start a discussion on your blog. Each of these videos is about 10-20 minutes long. They say teenagers can't pay attention to anything. Prove them wrong.

I asked you all to bring headphones today. Use them.

Hans Rosling: How data is cool. Think of your little Excel charts. Will you be ready to use data like this. This guy is fun to listen to.
Jeff Han: How displays will change. This would profoundly change how we use computers.
Jimmy Wales: How wikipedia started and works. Here from the founder. These guys take an idea and make it work. Listening to inventors can be fun.
John Maeda: A smart, funny guy talks about simplicity. Think about how simplicity is the driving force in design (hint: iPods).
Nicholas Negroponte: Would you spend your life on a project that helps others? Does listening to the originator of the idea change your vision of this program?
Theo Jansen: Freaky. Mind-blowing. But pay attention. What is life? Can you make something that lives out of PVC pipe? He does. Cyborg alert!

What did you learn? Share what you learned. Start a conversation. Can you add something to a discussion?

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


All should check out this site. A bit mind blowing.

Here is an example of a portfolio for a senior in high school. What will be in your portfolio?

I push very hard on having my students tell a story, whether that story is in a website, a blog entry, or in a conversation.

The Web 3 exam requires students to use Flash to tell a 50 second story. Here are some examples that you might adapt.

Nike Football: Notice that this story is about the "essence" of both football (soccer) and the shoes. It is less about the narrative than about the emotions athletes feel and how Nike is a part of that. The movie is about 50 seconds long.
Sharp Aquous: Notice how there is again no real narrative. The message is clearly that the product has simple, clean lines. The movie is again about 50 seconds long.

How does sound enhance both of these movies? I think the sound on the Nike site is essential to the story (we are alone with our own sounds, etc...).

I think you realize from the above examples how essential it is to really think out your story BEFORE you start to create anything on the computer. The story and feeling that you want your audience to get will drive the tools that you use.

Do you have a story to tell?

Friday, October 05, 2007

Exam and Blog Notes

Many of you made very perceptive comments about your blog. Now put those ideas into action!

Today I am launching the Web 2 and Web 3 marking period exams. The content and questions are the same for both exams. Web 2 students saw these questions last year. But the techniques will be different as Web 2 will be using Dreamweaver and Web 3 will be using Dreamweaver and Flash. Exams are due November 2.

Check out the Best Flash Websites. Get any ideas?

Examples from last year are in the Udrive.

I will grade your projects and your evidence of collaboration. You must show evidence of collaboration on your blog. Who else is working on your question?

I also include the amnesty program for anyone needing a grade boost.

Web 1 will continue their work in the textbook.

David Pogue is the leading technology person at NYTimes. He has a cool video about the OLPC. Hope it gets through the filter (aargh--not coming through filter yet...). Try doing this at home, its worth it.

Do you know how to use tags? Those are the things at the bottom of this post. You can use tags to see what people are blogging about on a subject like the OLPC. Want to impress me and get more clicks on your blog? Write a response to one of the posts about OLPC that you read. Put a comment on their blog linking back to yours.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007


All students will start today writing in their blog. The assignment is on the blogmeister and below. I encourage you to go back and edit some of your entries today.

Web 3: We are going to progress to a more advanced type of animation. Do this globe animation. I suggest watching the entire tutorial first THEN going back and doing the work. I put a map you can use in the UDrive. If you watch this and think it is too advanced see me and we will find another tutorial for you.

Web 2: Complete project 3 editing. Analyze other students' work. Clean up any files, check for errors, etc...

Web 1: Continue Project 3 work.

There is an interesting article in the NYTimes. A teacher in New Jersey is assigning homework to his students and their parents. The parents need to log-in occasionally (once per week or so) to comment on the topics in class. Research is clear that meaningful parental involvement in school is very important for student success. This article seems to show that the teacher is providing thoughtful and productive assignments. I am certain that if teachers, parents, and students learn together it is a far more productive environment.

Shouldn't our expectations be:

  • Students learn something new.
  • Parents learn something new.
  • Teachers learn something new.
  • Everyone shares and collaborates.

If only the student is learning something new I think it is much less fun, productive, effective, or efficient. Modeling life-long learning is probably the most important thing we can do in a world that will be changing drastically. Remember, we are training you for jobs that don't even exist yet, to solve problems we don't even know about yet (for example, the internet industry is HUGE; but didn't exist ten years ago).

A parent in this article says "I'm too busy, and I'm done with school! I graduated.". Lets accept as a truism that successful parents and student are way too busy. I agree. I also obviously agree that any "assignment" must be truly collaborative and meaningful for all.

But, shouldn't parents be very involved in classroom work? Is this type of parental involvement more meaningful than helping with fundraisers or other activities? What do you think?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Web 1

All Web 1 students will start Project 3 today.

1. Summary
2. Theater Club project
3. Apply 1
4. In the Lab 1 (careful of colspans!)
5. In the lab 2
6. Quiz

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This is a test. If you can view it, you can probably make your own animation and post it to your sidebar on blogmeister.


Today is a half day for students (full day for teachers) so be aware that the periods are short.

Web3: Finish Exam. Please be sure you completely answer each question. I will also be checking your animations (ball, walking, ball tossing, plus one more) and blog entries (daily Flash progress) today.

Web2: Project 3 Quiz.

Web1: I will send you the files for Project 3 (tables).

For all classes I will finish any last grading before progress reports.

Friday, September 28, 2007

News: Fox 61

We are in a break at the Fox61 workshop in Hartford (I'm wireless here). It seems pretty cool so far. There is a lot of scholarship money involved and a lot of support from the TV station. I think that this will be a great program for many of you.

Basically, twice per day Fox 61 broadcasts 50 second student news stories. Some of the ones they have shown are very well done. Check the link to view the stories and more information. I will write more later.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


We have talked about how the nature of web design is changing. Five years ago businesses would usually use a static website (think "Chiravelle Pizza" or "Florida Parks"). However, now businesses are largely skipping that step and using blogs or social networks. For example, most of my friends who are in serious bands have myspace pages instead of traditional websites. Check out this New York Times article about the subject. Very interesting implications for our classes and the things we study. If blogging and social networks are becoming more important will you be prepared?

Students should spend a significant amount of their time today making connections on their blog. This relates to yesterday's assignment. Make sure your entry is the best it can be, then be sure to provide substantial comments on other student's blogs. You should finish your blog work before moving on to anything else.

A few reminders:
1. Please proofread.
2. Embed links!!
3. Start a conversation. Many of you nailed this. Find quality examples of this and you will understand.
4. Remember, you can comment on the original blog posts (mine, Warlick's, Richardson's).

Tomorrow I will be attending a workshop in Hartford put on by Fox 61 to learn about their student news program. Each day they broadcast short segments produced by students. We want to be a part of that. It is an excellent chance for some of you to build your resume.

So Friday will be a catch up day. If you are done, please help others catch up. I am happy that many of you are coming in during study halls and after school. It makes it much easier. You can stay after any day. Many of you could do much of the blog work at home.

Web3 students should try to complete a new Flash tutorial before Monday.

I will also offer extra help hours for anyone who needs specific 1-1 help next Thursday after school. If you need help--be there!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today I hope to catch up on the grading. I am behind in several classes on that.

Some reading:

1. One Laptop per Child. Many of you remember when the OLPC program was announced last year. While the program has taken off in some areas, it needs a healthy push to gain needed capital.
2. A New Tool. We know that there is significant resistance to incorporating new tools into your educational environment. Many are worried about abuse. Do you use the tools you are provided effectively?
3. Take Control. We talk about this often. Are you stuck on the escalator? Or are you taking charge of your education. Are there parallels between what is happening in the online environment and what can happen in schools?

Our main focus is on making connections. Are you reading/writing/talking/blogging/video/composing/acting upon what is happening in the world? Or are you a innocent bystander? There are many examples of how you need to be connected.

Remember how we started this class. Moving you from an R1 to R4 environment is essential for your survival in a modern world. I set up an environment for learning and provide access to a world of teachers. I ask that you read and discuss what I provide and then add to the conversation.

So I ask you to be sure you write a substantial blog entry this week about one of the topics I present or one of your choosing. I ask that you start a conversation about the topic with one of your classmates using the comment feature on blogmeister. Look to a standard blog entry (here) for an example. Notice the richness of the conversation in the comments. The blog entry starts the conversation. Can you write in a way that starts this conversation?

Monday, September 24, 2007


I am out Tuesday dealing with some family stuff. Here are your assignments.

Web3: Please complete this bouncing tutorial. Then evaluate each of the tutorials in your blog for a quiz grade.

  • Compare using tweens and using frame-by-frame method for achieving the bounce effect.

  • Evaluate the directions for each tutorial. What methods (dividing into steps, numbering, providing visual references, etc...) did the author use that made the directions clear (or confusing as the case may be...)?

  • Which method are you more comfortable using; tweens or frame-by-frame?

Web2: Work on completing Project 3.

Web1: Work on completing quiz and any missing work.

I hope to be back Wednesday.


I will spend most of today grading any missing work. After today those grades will be converted to a zzero in the computer.

Web1: Quiz: (20pts total). Due end of class Tuesday.

  • Create a folder in your WDrive-Web1. Label it "Quiz2".
  • Download a clip-art image of an American Flag. Save in Quiz2 folder
  • Create a two-page website.
  • Title Page 1: "American Flag". Add heading, background color, and flag image.
  • Center image.
  • Title Page 2: "American Flag History". Add heading. Add short description of Flag history with two links to further information.
  • Link pages together: Make image on Page 1 the link to Page 2. On Page 2 include a "home" link back to page 1.
  • Save both pages. Test links.


  • Grading of Project 2
  • Start project 3 (tables).


Friday, September 21, 2007


All classes had trouble making links yesterday so we will continue to practice.

Please make a blog entry about the top news story of the day. To determine what the top story is you can visit:

Your blog summary of the news should:

  • Be short: no more than 50 words that summarize the story.
  • Include a link to the story you read.
  • Have an appropriate title for the entry that matches the story.

Here is an example:

There is a growing controversy over the use of private contractors in Iraq. These companies provide security for convoys and visiting dignitaries. One company, Blackwater, was involved in an incident that killed eight Iraq civilians on Sunday.

After the warm-up:

Web 1: Finish labs and summary.

Web 2: Finish quiz and labs.

Web 3: Refine walking animation. Do this practice animation by the same author.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


All classes will take the typing test before we start today.

  • Put your score in your blog (be honest!) and see if it improves later.
  • Don't say "I took a typing test". Say "I took a typing test". Demonstrate that you know how to code a link (that is what Web1 and Web2 chapters are about!!).

Typing fast and accurately can make you much more efficient. I type fast, but improperly (I don't really use my outer fingers), so I lose accuracy and I know its not good for my hands and wrists.

Web 1: Please try to finish the main project and have me test it. Move on to the three extras (Apply, Lab1, Lab2).

Web 2: We will start the quiz for Project 2 today.

  • On your Watertown High site add a new page for directions. Add content.
  • Link the two pages.
  • Have the same format, colors, etc...
  • Add a clipart picture of school to the front page. Format the picture correctly.

Web 3: Keep working on Flash. We will start the road towards making a "dancing baby". Try this tutorial to start some animation ideas. I did it during Period 1 and put my version in the UDrive.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Web 1: Start Project 2: Creating a Web Site with Links. Often in the directions they ask you to add code on a certain line. Please note, that these line numbers may be slightly different for you. This project is LONG. Take your time. I would read the whole thing first, then do the project. Items to complete:

  • Chapter summary for Project 2
  • Chapter Project
  • Apply Your Knowledge
  • In the Lab 1
  • In the Lab 2

Web 2: Start Project 2: Adding Web Pages, Links, and Images. Be sure to check Erica's blog for the changes. This project is LONG and will require a lot of work and checking. There may be many new concepts for you. I would read the whole thing first, then do the project. Items to complete:

  • Chapter summary for Project 2
  • Chapter Project
  • Apply Your Knowledge
  • In the Lab 3 (beware: the border image thing might not work quite right)

Web 3: Your five section assessment of project 1 is due today. We are going to spend a few weeks on Flash tutorials. Some of you are fairly proficient in this program, some of you have no training. To start please visit Flash Tutorials which is text based. Even if you are an "expert" I advise you review these tutorials. Some more advanced tutorials are on the Flash Video Tutorials site. Since you are all starting from a different spot I will grade you based on the amount of work you get done each day.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Survey Results

Here are the results of the survey of Web 1 and Web 2 students:

1. What is your favorite teaching style?

Teacher Directed (lecture, oral directions, etc..) 12%
Class projects (multi-day assignments, integrated learning) 24%
Independent Learning (student/task centered, learn at own pace, etc..) 24%
Group Work (projects, collaborative learning, etc..) 41%

2. Are you comfortable with the instructors teaching style?

Very comfortable 21%
Pretty comfortable 54%
Kind of comfortable 24%
Not at all 1%

3. Did you have enough time to finish all the assignments?

I had time to spare 13%
Just right 31%
I had to work fast to finish 54%
Well, I would have finished if I stopped talking... 1%

4. Do you feel comfortable analyzing your new websites for bias, usability, and accessability?

Very comfortable 15%
Pretty comfortable 56%
Kind of comfortable 29%
Not at all 0%

5. The Yankees will win the World Series

Of course 46%
No way 46%
Who are the Yankees? 9%

6. Do you feel comfortable creating and editing a basic web page?

Very comfortable 31%
Pretty comfortable 46%
Kind of comfortable 22%
Not at all 1%

End of Project 1

Today Web 1 and Web 2 students will have completed Project 1. I am happy with our progress. Almost all of you get the basic idea of the class and about fifty percent of you are absolutely nailing it.

Please complete this survey (only for Web 1 and Web 2) for me so I can get some feedback. I will post results by the end of the day.

Assignments for today:

Web 1 and Web 2: Take survey. Turn in work for project 1. Work on blogs: add clustrmap, picture, edit posts. On Monday we will start Project 2. You can get a head start on the reading if you want.

Web 3: We will assess your project today. By Monday please self-assess your work on your blog. Please review the rubric for the assignment. Write an evaluation in your blog. There are five sections of the rubric (each worth 20 pts). Divide your blog entry into 5 paragraphs or bullets. The format of each section should be criteria-opinion-evidence-score.

For example:

  • The criteria for assessment is "pride". In this project I made connections with my classmates, sought guidance from the instructor, and refined my drafts several times. I worked hard to create a project that I am proud of. I had an idea on how to include Flash in the instructions that I think I will use in future projects. I would score this section 20/20.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today is the tenth day of class. I hope that I have given you something of value over these days and that we can only add to the fun over the next months. I wanted to take a moment and review my expectations.

1. Make connections every day. The power to make connections in this global, digital, networked world is essential. Instead of having one teacher, have many. For example, on blogmeister there are thousands of teachers and students from around the world. Write to them, read their stories, and then write about the experience on your blog. Take a moment today and read some of the blogs from K-2 grade classrooms. They are fun to read. There is a saying that "isolation is the enemy of improvement". Make connections, collaborate, and improve.

2. Always do your best. You never know who is watching your work or reading your blog. Often people do not realize the power they have until it is lost. You are in a time unique to human history. You can read everything ever written at anytime. You can contact almost anyone at anytime. You can publish your ideas and thoughts instantly. That translates to huge gains in productivity. If the world is moving faster then you must as well. There is no substitute for hard work.

3. Add something to the conversation. Have a story to tell. This could be about how to make a game in Flash, issues you have in learning math, or how you are trying to work together with your classmates. Learn how to get your point across. Spend some time today looking at the read counts on your blog. How can you increase them? If you have a story to tell people from all over the world will read what you have to say. If we all add some thing of value to the conversation everyday (remember R1-R4?) there will be an incredible amount of learning going on in this classroom.

OK. Enough reading. Notice that you read (and I wrote) the above in 3D (links, etc...). Start writing that way!

Today (Web1-2): Project work. If you are done then help others, read blogs, edit your writing. Web 3 will be revising your work as I test your plans.

Tomorrow (Web1-2): Turn in work, start quiz.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book Error

Web 1 students doing the Phi Kappa Phi page for project 1 should realize that the picture and the directions do not match. The directions say "left-align", while the picture is centered. Also, the colors will not quite match.

Patriot Day

Take a moment today in class to read through parts of the 9/11 Legacy website. This is a very well designed website. Think about some of the decisions that the web designers made to increase the usability of this site.

By clicking on the links at the top of the page you can read through some of the profiles. I am sure we have classmates who were personally affected by the tragedy and lets be sure to have them in our thoughts today.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Here we go...

Please be patient with me today. Each class will be doing different things.

All classes should save their work in their WDrive. The resources you have to complete this project include the teacher, Powerpoint lessons in UDrive, the book, and each other. Help each other through this first project!

Web 1: You will start the HTML book. You will complete the following:

Notes for Web 1: page 1.17--save to WDrive (not floppy disk). Skip 1.20-1.22. Don't print page (1.31)

Web 2: You will start the Dreamweaver book. You will complete the following:

Notes for Web2: pages 1.12 through page 1.20 will require some network navigation. Create your "parks" folder in WDrive-Dreamweaver-folder. Read carefully and ask if you are not sure. Skip the step on 1.65--select browsers. Click f12 to preview web page.

Web 3: You will start your first teaching project.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Dear Grandma,

Well, this morning we didn't have internet access at school and it might go out at anytime (server issues) so I have had to adapt the Introductory Quiz a bit.

I ask that you write to your Grandma. This could be your real Grandma or a figurative Grandma. Write them a letter about the state of the internet in 2007. You should use the terms that we have covered in the introductory unit (bias, usability, ethics, accessibility, etc...).

This essay must be between 200-250 words. Do it in MS Word then post it to your blog.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Today we will finish our introductory unit (test to come shortly).

1. Read the following article. Save it in your favorites. Web Usability Guidelines.

2. Skim this basic article about usability and cellphones. Cell Phone usage

3. Start a MS Word Document. Using your google skills please find definitions for the following words or concepts. Cite your source!

web usability
search engine

4. Using google to search for information please summarize the following issues in terms of both usability and bandwidth. (cite your sources)

Describe the web usability issues if you were working at a science station in Antartica. (try this site) . This question involves bandwidth usability.
Describe the web usability issues with a PDA device or phone. This question involves bandwidth and design usability.
Describe the competitive advantage of having broadband access. Check this graph out.

5. Which of the following websites has a higher usability for teenagers. Why??

Connecticut Post

Please post your answers on your blog.

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I think everyone got off to a good start on their blogs. I have graded most of Period 2 and 3 and will grade the rest once the freshman have UDrive access. A few notes:

1. Many of you wrote well thought out responses that show evidence of reading and discussion. Some of you didn't. I won't be accepting sloppy work.
2. Don't sign your work as your name is already on your blog.
3. Put a line break between paragraphs.
4. When you comment be sure to leave your URL (not your email).

There are four main categories we are covering in this unit; bias, accessibility, usability, and ethics. Today we will focus on accessibility.

Read this article. Introduction to Web Accessability. We will watch this CBS News Video together in class.

Create an MS Word document.

Answer the following questions:

  • List and summarize the major categories of disabilities. Find the link on the AIM site that describe each of the four disabilities.
  • Go back to the article. Read it without using your mouse. How did that change the experience?
  • Now turn your screen off. How would that change the experience?
  • What is our obligation to serve those with disabilities?

Copy file to your blog and submit.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Over the next few days all students will be getting their blogmeisters started. The questions for the first bias assignment are on my blogmeister page.

1. Do your typing in MS Word or notepad. Check spelling before you send.
2. Click request publishing.
3. When leaving comments leave first initial and last name (Bschneider) and your web address so people can respond.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Today we will complete the bias assignment. Please save to the Udrive-WebSchneider-Web1(2 or 3) when done. Web 2 and 3 must remember to put entire folder in UDrive so images/video will work. Label as first initial-last name-bias (bschneiderbias).

We will also begin exploring flickr and have some fun with retrievr. Of course, this means a little bit of discussion about ethics and appropriate use. I think it is very important we establish some ground rules. We will be writing a lot about this next week in your blogs.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bias, Usability, Accessibility, Ethics

There are four main criteria that we use to assess the validity of a website; bias, usability, accessibility, and ethics. Today we will focus on bias.

This is also an exercise in communication skills and page design. Can you get your point across effectively? Do you know your audience?

1. Class Discussion about bias (Barbie Doll website, GI Joe website)

2. Read the following articles:
Gender Bias
Journalism Bias this is a longer article. Skim the whole thing (except the studies and theories of media bias section). Click on links that interest you.
More on gender bias. Skim the comments--this is how a blog is different, there is a conversation/debate happening.

3. Create a one page flyer (Web1: MS Word, Web 2: notepad, Web 3: Dreamweaver) that contains bias.

Girls: Boys are silly. Why can't they act right so I can get my work done? They should treat women with respect and not be so clueless.
Boys: Girls are silly. Why can't they act right so I can get my work done? They should treat men with respect and not be so clueless.

Think about your audience. Who are you writing it for? I am looking for two things. First, do you have good ideas and understand bias? Second, can you format the flyer well so you communicate these ideas? This is your first task in design.

This flyer must include the following:

  • A clip art or free-non-copyrighted image. Using copyrighted images is illegal. I can google it to check, so be careful. You could make your own image if you want using Paint or Fireworks. Check the links on the right for clip-art images or go here.
  • At least three quotes (from real or imaginary people)
  • Web 2 and Web 3 must contain at least one link in their flyer. Choose the BEST link for your page and be able to support WHY you choose it.
  • Have fun with this, stay respectful and appropriate.
4. Save in My Documents-Class Projects. (bschneiderbias). Check the Rubric for the assessment.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 1

Well, we are off! First day was a half day and I did an introduction with all the classes. The classes listened well, seemed receptive my digital literacy rant, and I think they have some basics down. Asking "How many of you made a video for school in the past year?" and seeing no hands go up was a bit disheartening. Square one again....

I am still working through the set-up of our communication. I am not sure if I should stay with the blog or if I should be more wiki based.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get to work

Here is a blog link to another class. that I am looking at. Right now I am stockpiling a ton of resources to throw at you over the next couple weeks. How has the world changed since we departed SHS on June 20? Are you tuned in?

I am debating how to set up our communications. I like using this blog as the primary vehicle but I am starting to think I should seriously reorganize the wiki.

Anyway, I eagerly await getting my classlists. Be ready....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here it comes...

The beginning of school is about 10 days away. I know I will be teaching Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3 this semester. Last year I taught 5 sections of the same class so this will require some organization. I am debating how to use this blog now that there are three different classes. Perhaps my Web 3 veterans can chime in with ideas on how to best utilize these tools.

I do know that SHS is using a new grading software so we will convert from teacherease. I haven't seen the new system yet.

If you are new to the class please feel free to look back at the old posts to get an idea for what you are in for. I will be adding many pages to the wiki over the next week as I load up on assignments.

Enjoy your last week of vacation.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rounding the Turn

I am beginning to formulate ideas for 2007-08 school year. Last year was my first year in the system and overall I think it went very well. I am thinking of four major strategies as we approach the year:

1. Publish. Lots of blog work, weebly work and I hope to publish either one really good book or a series of shorter ones using Lulu.
2. Lots of interaction between the levels. Our program has doubled in size and we are expanding the offerings for 2008-09. Creating the scope and sequence for this will involve lots of students. Students will work hard on wiki and other tools to help create connections between the different web classes.
3. Be ready for new stuff. I really think we can do a lot more with mobile and video. Lets see how much we can convince the powers that be.
4. Interaction with the community. Teachers, students, parents, senior citizens can benefit from our students knowledge and we hope to create regular opportunities for this interaction.

Ideas? Please email me or comment.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final Exam

Web 2 Final Exam is below. Choose the assignment appropriate for your topic.

Be sure to save final copy properly in UDrive before the bell rings for your exam. TEST IT!!!

You are the editor of the Missouri Times. It is November 7, 2006. Your state is the only state that the Northern Democrats won. Your state has played a strong role in the slavery debate through the Missouri compromise and that information is important to your readers (and is perhaps why they voted for Douglas).
Prepare a breaking news website that reflects the results of the election.

You are the editor of the Capulet Times. You have just heard that Juliet may have died and Romeo is missing. Your newspaper is owned by the Capulet family.
Prepare a breaking news website that reflects this news.

You are the webmaster for the Madrid Times. It is July 2, 1898. You have to be as objective as possible, but you know the King of Spain reads your paper and has huge influence.
Prepare a breaking news website that reflects the events of July 1.

You are the editor for the Chicago Tribune. It is August 27, 1968 and the Democratic Convention is experiencing more and more protests. Many of your reporters sympathize with the protesters and you support the free speech of the protesters. However, many of your readers think the police are correct to “restore order”.
Prepare a breaking news website that reports the growing protests at the convention.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Many of you are creating extensive pages and Flash as you prepare for the exam.

I want to be clear. I have an expectation that your work will display four full class periods plus the exam. I feel that some of you think you can play games for a few days and pass. I promise you that is not the case.

On Monday I expect to spend most of the day working on the Appeals Jury for those who have attendance issues. If there are any exam issues while I am gone please leave them on your blog and I will get to them Monday afternoon.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Exempt Seniors

By my calculations the following eleven seniors are exempt from exams:

Final Exam

Here is the exam. We will discuss it in class.

After the discussion please see me at my desk if there are any errors on teacherease. I am grading projects as fast as I can.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Your project evaluations are due by the end of class today. If you are doing any edits to entries please do that by the end of the period as well.

I have started to post grades on teacherease. The track meet has been rescheduled for today so I will miss more class time today. I am grading as fast as I can.

I will try to post senior exemptions by the end of the day Thursday.

I am almost done with the final exam. We will discuss it in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

End of The Year

You never know what a year will bring. At this time last year I was preparing my students for their honors recitals, collecting uniforms, and preparing for the summer music program.
One year later I am completing my first year at Seymour High School. It has been an interesting year. Many of you have been with me since that first day in September, some joined us in January. I want to thank you for all your hard work along the way.
I have tried hard to teach you in a modern way. I learn alongside you. I teach with you, not TO you. This is the school 2.0 we have talked about. Many of you resisted this. I know it would be more comfortable for some of you for me to read the directions out of the book. On the flip side, many of you would have gone off the deep end if I did that.
My goal was to make you independent learners. Yes, that meant sometimes I didn't answer your question. Sorry.
So, what's next? I hope you stay on top of technology. Be the "tuned in" person. That will give you a HUGE advantage in interviews for schools or jobs. If you are the person people depend on for the latest information you are invaluable to a company.
Remember that an impression is lasting. So many of you made a lasting impression on me with your work. Having people advocate for you is incredibly powerful. You want people on your team that sing your praises. A bad impression spreads like wildfire.
Don't submit work you aren't proud of. If it has your name it that should stand for something. No matter what line of work you go into, showing pride in your workmanship is essential. You don't want your plumber saying "Yeah, what do I have to do to pass?". You don't want your doctor saying "I didn't really pay attention in that class".
Most of all, work on your collaboration skills. Isolation is the enemy of improvement.
Today: Evaluations of projects, comments on blogs, and final exam suggestions.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tech Fair Day

All work for the final project must be submitted by the end of your class period on Monday. Double check your work in the Udrive!

Please begin the evaluation. The evaluation is a test grade and is designed for you to show evidence that you understand the objectives of the class. Be sure to answer the questions correctly!

The Tech Fair is Monday from 6-8pm. I hope you will come to show off your work. Those of you presenting should be completely ready for questions, comments, etc... Set-up by 5:45pm. I will be here all afternoon.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So this is what will happen:
1. I need your complete website structure (all pages, images, citations, movies, etc..) done on Friday. We must error check the index.
2. I will allow you to do any details and final touch-ups on Monday, however,---YOU CAN'T CHANGE ANY PAGE NAMES OR PATHS OR ADD OR SUBTRACT PAGES.

I will come to school on Saturday to do preliminary grading of the websites. Be sure to read the checklist that follows this entry....


Final projects are due Friday, June 1. I hope you will all attend the SHS tech Fair on June 4 from 6-8pm to show off your work. Bring friends and family.

If you are a presenter I ask that you be here by 5:45pm.

Some items to think about as you finish:

1. Check the rubric. Have you done everything?
2. Citations!! Correct format!!
3. Does your page look like a final project for Web2 or Web1? Are you using modern design? Is it visual and interactive?
4. Please be sure there are NO typos or links errors. Double and triple check.
5. Have you shown evidence of engagement and collaboration? The next few days are an excellent opportunity for this.
6. Do you have a "future" section where you outline what EXPERTS think will be happening in your area (laws, trends, etc...).

And most important: Did you actually answer the question????

This has been a three week project. Plan accordingly to finish on time and demonstrate your best work.