Friday, August 31, 2007


Today we will complete the bias assignment. Please save to the Udrive-WebSchneider-Web1(2 or 3) when done. Web 2 and 3 must remember to put entire folder in UDrive so images/video will work. Label as first initial-last name-bias (bschneiderbias).

We will also begin exploring flickr and have some fun with retrievr. Of course, this means a little bit of discussion about ethics and appropriate use. I think it is very important we establish some ground rules. We will be writing a lot about this next week in your blogs.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bias, Usability, Accessibility, Ethics

There are four main criteria that we use to assess the validity of a website; bias, usability, accessibility, and ethics. Today we will focus on bias.

This is also an exercise in communication skills and page design. Can you get your point across effectively? Do you know your audience?

1. Class Discussion about bias (Barbie Doll website, GI Joe website)

2. Read the following articles:
Gender Bias
Journalism Bias this is a longer article. Skim the whole thing (except the studies and theories of media bias section). Click on links that interest you.
More on gender bias. Skim the comments--this is how a blog is different, there is a conversation/debate happening.

3. Create a one page flyer (Web1: MS Word, Web 2: notepad, Web 3: Dreamweaver) that contains bias.

Girls: Boys are silly. Why can't they act right so I can get my work done? They should treat women with respect and not be so clueless.
Boys: Girls are silly. Why can't they act right so I can get my work done? They should treat men with respect and not be so clueless.

Think about your audience. Who are you writing it for? I am looking for two things. First, do you have good ideas and understand bias? Second, can you format the flyer well so you communicate these ideas? This is your first task in design.

This flyer must include the following:

  • A clip art or free-non-copyrighted image. Using copyrighted images is illegal. I can google it to check, so be careful. You could make your own image if you want using Paint or Fireworks. Check the links on the right for clip-art images or go here.
  • At least three quotes (from real or imaginary people)
  • Web 2 and Web 3 must contain at least one link in their flyer. Choose the BEST link for your page and be able to support WHY you choose it.
  • Have fun with this, stay respectful and appropriate.
4. Save in My Documents-Class Projects. (bschneiderbias). Check the Rubric for the assessment.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 1

Well, we are off! First day was a half day and I did an introduction with all the classes. The classes listened well, seemed receptive my digital literacy rant, and I think they have some basics down. Asking "How many of you made a video for school in the past year?" and seeing no hands go up was a bit disheartening. Square one again....

I am still working through the set-up of our communication. I am not sure if I should stay with the blog or if I should be more wiki based.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get to work

Here is a blog link to another class. that I am looking at. Right now I am stockpiling a ton of resources to throw at you over the next couple weeks. How has the world changed since we departed SHS on June 20? Are you tuned in?

I am debating how to set up our communications. I like using this blog as the primary vehicle but I am starting to think I should seriously reorganize the wiki.

Anyway, I eagerly await getting my classlists. Be ready....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here it comes...

The beginning of school is about 10 days away. I know I will be teaching Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3 this semester. Last year I taught 5 sections of the same class so this will require some organization. I am debating how to use this blog now that there are three different classes. Perhaps my Web 3 veterans can chime in with ideas on how to best utilize these tools.

I do know that SHS is using a new grading software so we will convert from teacherease. I haven't seen the new system yet.

If you are new to the class please feel free to look back at the old posts to get an idea for what you are in for. I will be adding many pages to the wiki over the next week as I load up on assignments.

Enjoy your last week of vacation.