Friday, May 30, 2008


The tech fair project deadline is today at 2pm. Be certain your pages work in the Udrive by using another log-in (switch seats).

Web 1: Please complete one of the following:

1. Create a HTML website that contains two Scratch games that you create. Use a table layout to set up your page.

2. Create a 28 second news broadcast about the top news story of the day. Include a voiceover.

3. Complete a project in the textbook (Chapter 7, 8, or 9). Files you need are in the Udrive.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Problems to Solve

We have several problems to solve today. Any field (medicine, music, government, web design) is about finding creative ways to solve problems but still making your deadline. Yes, things can be challenging.

So, if you have solutions post a comment on this blog!!

1. For Web 2 and Web 4 the Flash movies have been killing us. They are not converting from MovieMaker to Flash to Dreamweaver very consistently. We knew this was a klunky process to begin with. My idea this morning is to skip the process all together. Keep the movie in .wmv format and code an HTML page in notepad. Using EMBED SRC code as you did in Web 1 the movie should play fine. Other ideas are welcome. (OK: Possible solution. #1--work off of your desktop. Have the files there when you try to convert them--not on the WDRive. #2--when you convert--convert at a lower resolution. When it gets into Flash change your canvas size to fit. This should cut the time down to around 2 minutes)

2. I've been trying to figure out how to embed a Scratch file on an HTML page without uploading it to the Scratch website. There has to be a way to do this. I tried embedding it as a Java applet but I can't get it to work. If you get it to work let us know! (I figured it out!! I will put the samle files in "Scratch Folder" in WebSchneider. You need the "ScratchApplet" and the "Soundbank" files in your folder for it to work)

Other notes:
1. Judging has been completed for the Memorial Day contest. Results will be announced Monday night at the Tech Fair. The judges were very impressed by your entries.
2. Web 2 and Web 4 HAVE to be sure that they have inserted all the components and that all of the links work.
3. Remember, extra credit if you attend and write about the tech fair. Monday 5-7pm.
4. I have a judge whose specific job is to check citations. Be sure your page is complete. Remember you can cite clipart images as "Various images from ClipArt" but you must cite Flickr images individually. This may be a reminder for some of you to use your favorites button or google notepad.
5. Web 2 and Web 4 must complete their fourth blog post today.

OK. Get it done!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Technology Fair

The SHS Technology Fair will be Monday June 2 from 5-7pm here at the high school. Winners of our contests will be displayed at that time. So if you are curious who won--show up!! We will have students demonstrating how we do things and there are displays from all the technical and arts areas of the school.

And--I'll give you extra credit if you come and write an evaluation in your blog.

Web 2 and Web 4 deadline is Friday. Judges receive the files at 2pm. Make sure your citations are correct and all your links and pages work!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today Web 1 students will explore Scratch, the programming language from the people at M.I.T. This program is designed to teach some basic programming functions. With this program you can do some basic behavior and game functions and produce some cool things. This past year students at Seymour Middle School have been using the program.

The program is on your desktop.

I have a series of activities and videos I would like you to check out:

Can you make your own game?

Web 2 and Web 4 students should be sure to complete their 3rd blog question which is due today. Remember, blog questions are 30% of your exam grade. Deadline for all projects is this Friday. Make sure your initial page is named "index".

Zero impact people should check out the story from this weekend's NY Times about another project at Oberlin.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day

Can you believe that it is Memorial Day weekend already? This year, like all of them it seems, has gone very fast.

The judging for the Memorial Day Fireworks contest will start today at 2pm. You must have your submission in the correct spot in the UDrive by then (please check!). Be sure it is a .jpg file and that it is named correctly.

Today Web 2 and Web 4 should make sure they have completed the blog questions that are due. Each topic has interview material at this point. If you feel you need more material then get it done.

Web 1 will be a catch-up day. I will pass out progress reports and we can fix grades. While I do that your options are:

  • Finish or improve Memorial Day contest.
  • Continue practice with CSS or Java.
  • Complete the TED assignment from yesterday or watch more talks.
  • Play serious game.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

TED Talks

Web 1 Assignment:

One thing you want to do in life is get around smart people. I was lucky to go to a school that had really, really smart people around. Listening to them makes life interesting.

Many of you have seen some of the TED talks before. TED is a place where smart people get together and kind of do a show and tell.

I would like you to watch at least two videos today from start to finish. Everyone must watch the Theo Jansen video. I give you some prompts to start a discussion on your blog. Each of these videos is about 10-20 minutes long. They say teenagers can't pay attention to anything. Prove them wrong.

Hans Rosling: How data is cool. Think of your little Excel charts. Will you be ready to use data like this. This guy is fun to listen to.
Jeff Han: How displays will change. This would profoundly change how we use computers.
John Maeda: A smart, funny guy talks about simplicity. Think about how simplicity is the driving force in design (hint: iPods).
Nicholas Negroponte: Would you spend your life on a project that helps others? Does listening to the originator of the idea change your vision of this program?
Theo Jansen: Freaky. Mind-blowing. But pay attention. What is life? Can you make something that lives out of PVC pipe? He does. Cyborg alert!
Blaise Aguero y Arcos: Demonstrates Photosynth. Wow. The Notre Dame cathedral thing is amazing. Can you think of ways you could use this software?
Anand Agarawala: The BumpTop desktop. Certainly a different set-up! Would this help you search your photographs?

What did you learn? Share what you learned. Start a conversation. Can you add something to a discussion?

Be sure to have links to the talk on your blog.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I will leave at lunch for the NVL Track meet.

Web 1 Assignments:
1. Continue your work from yesterday. Practice with the tutorials.
2. Create a new web page about your class schedule (as we have done before). Let the tutorials help you use CSS to create the following:

3. When done please save to your WDrive. I will look at it there. Work together! Then be sure to finish your Memorial Day poster.

Web 2:

Tomorrow is the interview with Mrs. Deming. Thursday is the interview with Mr. Sirowich. Be sure to have your questions ready. Leave them on the blogmeister. Please save new drafts of your website to the UDrive-Web2 folder today.

Web 4:

Mr Pawluk answered some questions on David's blog. Remember, your expert interview is an important part of this process. Please save new drafts to the UDrive-Web4 folder today.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finishing Up

For the next eight school days we will be in project mode before we turn to our final exams prep.

The Tech Fair is in two weeks. Fireworks contest due May 23. Web 2 and Web 4 projects due May 30.

Web 1:

  • Review vocabulary. Here is a sample from last years exam. If these questions are unclear you have some studying to do. All important vocabulary should be in your chapter summaries.
  • Read and practice the exercises in the "extended book" (that's the eleven chapter HTML book). My expectation is that you have a basic understanding of these chapters. You can find the files in the UDrive. Share the books (or use the PowerPoint files for instructions--in Udrive). Complete the practice tutorials for CSS and JavaScripts. These are very good little tutorials and will really help you with your coding.
  • Continue to practice Flash and Fireworks by using the tutorials.

Web 2 and Web 4: Project work. Please check the due dates on your blog questions.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Serious Games

Today we will work on some fun online tasks as we move towards vacation. Web 2 and Web 4 students may have seen these games and simulations before.

Typing Test: Go head-to-head with your neighbor. How fast can you type?
Another cool Google Earth app. Dig here!
Check out the Ayiti game.

3D Farming: Can you succeed as a farmer?
3D Architecture: Can you build a successful house.
Tall Buildings: Super-cool site about tall buildings
Power Play: Can you build a better mousetrap?
The Redistricting Game Can you rig your district?

And finally we will review the game Darfur is Dying.

Everyone should review ONE game in their blog today. Please be sure to provide a link to the game.

Web 1: How could you use this game to learn in school? Could serious games help you learn?
Web 2: Would a serious game improve your current website project? Why or why not?
Web 4: Choose one game and analyze the construction of the game. What tools are used? Are they used effectively?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fireworks Contest

Today, and probably tomorrow, I will be substituting for Mr. Freund who will be out of the building. I will probably pop into class a few times if I am able.

Web 1 should finish their exams today. Remember to rename your folder in the WDrive (bschneider-done) and copy that folder to the UDrive. You will end up with two folders in the Udrive, your rough draft and your final draft.

Web 2 and Web 4 will be working on their exams.

Here is the Fireworks contest. All classes are eligible for this contest which will be awarded at the Technology Fair on June 2.

Your assignment is to make a poster about Memorial Day.

More information on Memorial Day can be found here: Wikipedia entry Be sure you understand the purpose of Memorial Day before tackling this assignment.

Your assignment is to design an image that could be posted in schools. You will use Fireworks and choose the appropriate tool or tools for your image.

Assignment parameters:

1. You set up the image size when you create a new document: Height=300 pixels, Width =600 pixels.

2. Your images MUST be non-copyrighted. I will publish this!!

3. You must be able to defend your choice of a tool in your blog post.

4. You must include "Memorial Day" somewhere in your image. You might decide to include additional text (date, slogan, etc..).

5. You must finish by the end of the period on Friday May 23. I will submit the posters to the judges at that time.

6. Save in Udrive when done (bschneider) as a .jpg file. All students will save in the same folder so be sure you name it correctly in the WDrive BEFORE you copy it to the UDrive. Be sure to test your work in the UDrive.

Good luck!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tech Fair

I have been working on getting judges for the tech fair and I have been very successful so far. These judges are certainly experts on the topics you will be covering. I will be working on the judges sheets this weekend so you know what to expect. One warning--citation pages better be good!

We have three contests:
1. Lincoln websites (Web4)
2. Breast Cancer or Energy websites (Web2)
3. Fireworks contest. (All)

On another note, take the time to read this article from the NY Times about girls and sports injuries. Its long, but worth your time if you compete in a sport.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Some items from the news that you should read:

Cyclone news from Myanmar. They say the death toll may reach over 100,000. I can't even comprehend that number. They don't have enough fuel to burn the bodies so they can be disposed of properly. As we go home today to our nice homes and eat our pop tarts lets be sure to take a moment to think about the suffering and maybe think about what we can do.

An update on how the election for the Democratic Primary is going. Obama had a fairly good result in North Carolina and Indiana and has solidified his lead for the nomination. Remember--don't be ignorant. Know what is going on and what the choices are.

Can leadership change the impact on our environment? Check out the story on San Fransisco and their recycling effort. We recycle nothing here at our school. Could we do more?

How do you fight breast cancer if you are uninsured and state funding dries up? Those of you tackling the political side to the breast cancer question might want to explore this more.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Web 1: Part Two of the marking perod exam will begin.
Web 2 and Web 4: Continue work on your marking period exam.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Exams are being posted today. If you are behind in your work it is your responsibility to get it done. I will offer extra help after school on Wednesday and Friday. I encourage you to come in during a study hall.

Web 1: Exam Part One.
Web 2 and Web 4: Exam

I have refined these exams over the past few years and I think they work pretty well. My goal is for you to show me the web design process. Do you choose the correct tool? Do you work efficiently? Do you work with your partners? Do you get it done on time?

The Web 2 and Web 4 exams will be part of the SHS Tech Fair on June 2. It will be a competition. More on that later.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Web 1 will work on our Fireworks assignment today. Your assignment is to make a poster about the Pledge of Allegiance. There are many choices you can make for this poster. However, it may give you ideas on how to blend images, text, and emotion.

More information on the Pledge of Allegiance can be found here: Wikipedia entry

Your assignment is to design an image that could be posted in schools. You will use Fireworks and choose the appropriate tool or tools for your image. My favorite image will be displayed on this blog.

Assignment parameters:

1. You set up the image size when you create a new document: Height=300 pixels, Width =600 pixels.

2. Your images MUST be non-copyrighted. I will publish this!!

3. You must be able to defend your choice of a tool in your blog post.

4. You must include "Pledge of Allegiance" and the actual pledge somewhere in your image.

5. You must finish by the end of the period Friday.

6. Save in Udrive when done (bschneiderpledge)