Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Spreadsheet practice:

Challenge #13 (extra):
Can you attach a chart to the Challenge #13 SchneiderCorp spreadsheet that shows me how much farm equipment stuff we sold?

Challenge #15:
Clean up your google a day spreadsheet.  What is the average time it took you to solve the puzzle?  Yes there is a formula for time.  Thats todays puzzle, I suppose.  Can you find and apply this formula to get an average?  I don't have an answer yet, but I'm sure its really simple.

Challenge #16:
Create a Google Presentation of your class schedule.  A few rules:

1. You can only have 10 slides.  Not 9, not 11, but 10.
2. You must spend some time reading about Presentation Zen.  Really check out some of the tips.  I will not accept poorly designed slides.
3. You can only use YOUR photos or drawings OR photos you find using a CC search.  Plagiarism applies to photos as well as text.  If you search within Google Docs (click insert image) those images will be CC images.

Name the presentation "Schedule" and save in your shared folder.


Podcast #4 is due Friday December 7.  Start working on your script in Evernote.  I'll bring the iPads next time.

Some of you gave me random podcasts last time.  Please ensure your podcasts all go off the same theme.


Edit your blog.  Check for comments.


I'm going to unload a project next class so I want to use this class to get everyone caught up.  Some of you may finish early.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Work

Donate some rice, if you don't mind.  Spend a few minutes.


I think this is very, very funny.  You can find through out where people start to write reviews about very simple devices.  Check out this banana slicer, then scroll down to read the reviews.

Knowing how to write is very powerful.

Challenge 13:  Some of you have experience with spreadsheets, some of you don't.  This next challenge will be a good way to get us started.  Create a new spreadsheet in your shared folder and name it "Challenge 13: Spreadsheet".

Design a spreadsheet that includes the following information:

  • Monthly sales figures need to be collected.
  • Mr. Jones, Ms. Smith, Mr. Williams, and Miss Stanley are the sales people who work for "Schneider Corp".
  • Schneider Corp sells farm equipment.  Tractors cost $10000, Mowers cost $5000, and Plows cost $15,000.
  • Mr. Jones sold 3 tractors, 2 mowers, and zero plows this month.
  • Ms. Smith sold 1 tractor, 1 mower, 1 plow.
  • Mr. Williams sold 5 plows.
  • Miss Stanley sold 2 tractors, 2 mowers, 1 plow.
The spreadsheet should show me total $$ each sales person sold, total # of each item sold, total $ of each item sold.  Finally what was our total $$ sales for the month?

I will walk around and help you.  Also use google and the help menu to figure out your formulas.  It may help some of you to draw it out on paper first.


Challenge 14:

This will be the first time I've done this, but Google search stories look pretty cool.  Check out some examples.  I don't want to spend a ton of time on this, I just want to see what it can do.

I'd like you to create your own story.  Any school appropriate subject.  Be creative.

This may pull up inappropriate images or topics.  If so, quietly fix it.

When done post your story to youTube and then to your blog.  Please include a short review of search stories and include a link so people can make their own.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We have 30 minutes.  Lets watch some videos.  Put on your headphones.

 I love this Arnold video. His movies were really big when I was in high school so that voice is iconic. He really, really believes what he is saying.  That last line is classic.

If you watch this TED talk watch it from the beginning and do not skim forward! Its freaky amazing.

I don't know why, but I love these guys. They seem like they would be fun to hang out with. I can imagine the moment they figured they got season tickets, next to the penalty box. Not settling, they decided to don green suits to distract the competition. Brilliant.

I've watched this 100 times. Still funny.

A LOT of schools are doing lip dubs. I'd love to work on one!  They planned the whole thing backwards.  That takes guts.  A lot of schools do Lip Dub competitions.  Maybe Derby High posts one, and we have to top it.

We are singing this song in choir.  I love how the blond girl takes charge of the song.  I wish they had thought of a better ending.

I'd like to work on this office.  Check out some of their other videos.

I've never really liked Les Mis, but I recognize that its hugely popular.  You may recognize several stars in the upcoming movie.

I know there are some One Direction fans in here.  My 16 year old niece is a fanatic...

5 days until track.  Can't wait.

And, finally, one of my favorite muppet videos.


FYI:  Tomorrow will be a video watching day.   No new work will be assigned.


Second marking period work so far:

1. Testing bog post.
2. Meograph blog post.
3. Resume
4. Blog comments (quality and quantity)
5. App review (today)


Please spend some time today studying Evernote.  Some of you have barely used it, and some of you have really started to use it.  What helpful tips could you provide?

Maybe check out their blog?  Or google "evernote for students?"


Classes have often enjoyed exploring


Writing an app review is hard.  Things that must be included:

1. What is the app?  Who made it or designed it?  Include a link!!
2. What platform does it require?  Do you need iOS6?  Can it run on an iPad1?
3. Should you include screen shots or video in the app review?  Can you figure out how to do that?
4. Who is your audience?  Is it kids, gamers, teachers, or parents?
5. An opinion!!  Should people buy it?

Please review one of the following iPad apps using your blog.  Some of the apps are only on the iPad2 machines.

Be sure if you log in to an app that you LOG OUT when done.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Grab Bag

Today is kind of a grab bag day.  The only thing I'd like you to really finish is the meograph assignment.  Be sure to check the questions for your blog post that were posted.


I was impressed by your passion over testing.  I read many responses that were well formatted, cogent arguments.  I'd like you to spend some time reading those arguments today and responding with comments.

I think leaving comments is an important skill to master.  Check this article out.  Of course, don't be a troll.  Your comments should continue the conversation.  Make it obvious that you read the post.

When you leave a comment in blogmeister be sure you are logged in first.  In the comment box leave your first name, leave the email blank, and the URL will be filled in already.

Please aim to leave five substantive comments today.  Please be sure you respond to any comments on your blog.


Perhaps you can guess my opinion, but would we get more benefit if we dropped the test prep and enrolled everyone in music lessons?  Does taking practice tests for the CAPT get as much benefit as being in Choir?


Additional work:

  • Do some wikipedia edits.  Check out the SHS page.  Perhaps there is too much information there does not quite fit wikipedia's guidelines.  We can also organize it better.
  • Google a Day.  Keep practicing.
  • Read this story about caffeine drinks.  Stock in Monster Drinks has dropped from $80 to $44.  Does that tell you something?
  • This review in the NYTimes of Guy Fierri's new restaurant is gaining a lot of attention lately.  It is very, very harsh.
  • If you did all that check out some of my favorite videos.  Be sure to have headphones on.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Resumes, Meographs


1. Do the google a day.  Put your results in your spreadsheet.
2. Check out this cool hack from MusicHackDay.  Put in your headphones.  Read more about music hack day here.  I kinda wish school was like this.
3. Blog post:  read this article about testing.  What do you think?  Include link to original article.  A few things we need to improve as a class in our writing:

  • Paragraphs.  Organize your thoughts.
  • Include relevant links.  
  • Have a solid closing thought.  The closing thought should encourage comments on your blog.  Don't END a conversation, START one.


I will hand back your resumes.  Please make fixes or adjustment and print out a clean copy for me.  Be sure there are NO errors or typos.


I brought two microphones in for you to work on your meograph.  I hope to work on mine today as well.  I haven't added any content yet.

A few notes:

1. Try to give the meograph some depth.  You don't have to include many points, but for a few of them I'd like you to include video, audio, photos, etc...
2. Do not publish copyrighted material.  Use creative commons to search for content or create your own.
3. When done publish to your blog.

  • Use the embed code.
  • Give a short description of the meograph service.  What is it?  Include a link.  How can it help tell a story?  What was easy about it?  Hard?

Monday, November 05, 2012

New Marking Period


We got the following in this week:

1. Lots of Subway gift cards.
2. A ton of stuff from Planet Fitness, including two memberships, bags, shirts, bottles, etc...

If your letter worked please write a thank you letter.  I have envelopes.


I like this story about confidence.


New tasks:

Challenge #11:  Create a one page resume and put in your google shared folder.  This is a TRADITIONAL resume.  Here are some tips.  Here is an example.  I will spend a lot of time on this assignment.  We will make infographic resumes shortly.

Some things to think about:

  • Use Evernote to make notes and brainstorm about the resume.
  • List EVERYTHING you could possibly include.  Only include stuff you did in middle school if it is truly amazing (like winning a National Science Fair or something).
  • Follow the format, follow the format, follow the format.
  • Use active verbs.  Quantify everything:
    • Created and published movie review podcast that reached 75 listeners per day
    • Directed Hope Club recruitment plan that increased membership by 75%
    • Implemented lunch recycling plan that resulted in 35% reduction in cafeteria waste

Challenge #12:  Create an account in Meograph.  Create a meograph around one of the following:
  • Your family vacations.
  • Your favorite professional teams best season (Road to Victory...)
  • Battles of the Revolutionary War
  • Upcoming tour of your favorite singer/band

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Half Way

Today we will be grading.  I will hand out Edline sheets.  Lets fix any mistakes.  Also be sure to complete your Google document.

Here is the grading document. 


New tasks on Thursday.  If you are "done" please help a classmate by commenting on their blog, helping them edit movies, or checking their work for typos.


Who will win the election?  There are 512 paths to the White House.  Which one do you think will happen?  Write a blog post about your prediction.