Tuesday, November 20, 2012


FYI:  Tomorrow will be a video watching day.   No new work will be assigned.


Second marking period work so far:

1. Testing bog post.
2. Meograph blog post.
3. Resume
4. Blog comments (quality and quantity)
5. App review (today)


Please spend some time today studying Evernote.  Some of you have barely used it, and some of you have really started to use it.  What helpful tips could you provide?

Maybe check out their blog?  Or google "evernote for students?"


Classes have often enjoyed exploring Geni.com.


Writing an app review is hard.  Things that must be included:

1. What is the app?  Who made it or designed it?  Include a link!!
2. What platform does it require?  Do you need iOS6?  Can it run on an iPad1?
3. Should you include screen shots or video in the app review?  Can you figure out how to do that?
4. Who is your audience?  Is it kids, gamers, teachers, or parents?
5. An opinion!!  Should people buy it?

Please review one of the following iPad apps using your blog.  Some of the apps are only on the iPad2 machines.

Be sure if you log in to an app that you LOG OUT when done.

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