Friday, November 16, 2012

Grab Bag

Today is kind of a grab bag day.  The only thing I'd like you to really finish is the meograph assignment.  Be sure to check the questions for your blog post that were posted.


I was impressed by your passion over testing.  I read many responses that were well formatted, cogent arguments.  I'd like you to spend some time reading those arguments today and responding with comments.

I think leaving comments is an important skill to master.  Check this article out.  Of course, don't be a troll.  Your comments should continue the conversation.  Make it obvious that you read the post.

When you leave a comment in blogmeister be sure you are logged in first.  In the comment box leave your first name, leave the email blank, and the URL will be filled in already.

Please aim to leave five substantive comments today.  Please be sure you respond to any comments on your blog.


Perhaps you can guess my opinion, but would we get more benefit if we dropped the test prep and enrolled everyone in music lessons?  Does taking practice tests for the CAPT get as much benefit as being in Choir?


Additional work:

  • Do some wikipedia edits.  Check out the SHS page.  Perhaps there is too much information there does not quite fit wikipedia's guidelines.  We can also organize it better.
  • Google a Day.  Keep practicing.
  • Read this story about caffeine drinks.  Stock in Monster Drinks has dropped from $80 to $44.  Does that tell you something?
  • This review in the NYTimes of Guy Fierri's new restaurant is gaining a lot of attention lately.  It is very, very harsh.
  • If you did all that check out some of my favorite videos.  Be sure to have headphones on.

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