Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Day

Why is this so good? It tells a STORY. Clearly, succinctly, awesome. Today is a crazy day and I probably won't be in class.  You might be in class either....

Please do the following today:

1. Write a blog post about your rockets website if you didn't already.  I really saw some great website work in the UDrive.  Please tell me in a blog post who you think has the best website!  Leave a comment for them.
2. Be nice.  Stay quiet.
3. Finish any missing work.
4. Check out my favorites.  Which ones do you like?  Lets start a discussion on your blog.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 We had some fun this weekend doing physics experiments. We shot rockets.

 Can you make a website that teaches kids how to shoot rockets?

Think about all the tools you now have to use: HTML, CSS, Java, Voki, Fireworks, Flash, video, ShowMe, Google, YouTube, your blog.  How will you use these tools to tell your story?  How will you tell your story so a four year old can shoot rockets safely and have fun (with the help of a parent...)?

Scroll back through this website to remember some of the tools we have used.  I often forget about tools.

Some ideas:
1. Embed a video.  Maybe you create one.  You can use my video.
2. Use a Voki for instructions (Step 1, Step 2, etc...).  Kids love clicking on a voki.
3. Use Flash to create a "rocket ship" in your title.
4. Use CSS and table to create a cool layout for your webpage.
5. Use a prezi or google presentation to layout instructions.  Or maybe put them in a Flash movie.

Some essentials:
1. Make your code spotless, clean, and efficient.
2. Save everything in a folder.  Copy to UDrive when done.
3. Write a blog post about the project.  Embed a video in the post and talk about why you choose the tools you did.
4. Really try to keep your design on the screen, no scrolling.  Would multiple pages be better?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coding and Videos

Today and Friday we will split the class.  We will be doing two activities.

  • Coding.  I want to push ahead on the Codecademy work.  I want each student to add at least 30 points to their total.  Focus on the Web/HTML classes.  Before we start please show me how many points you have so I can put a note in my book. 
  • iMovie.  We will spend some time using iMovie and creating movie trailers. iMovie has templates set-up.  This is sandbox time.  You must save the movie to "camera roll" when done.  Be sure to title tit and add your names to the credits.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012


NBC has a cool thing where you can vote on your top Olympic moment.

I'd like you to spend some time watching the moments today.

Then I'd like you to create an HTML website that highlights your #1 moment.  You should:

1. Create a modern design to the website.  Be sure to include a title.  Don't have your website make some of these mistakes.
2. Include cool graphics for a Header.
3. Embed the video.  You can grab the embed code off YouTube.
4. Save everything to a folder (example: bschneiderOlympics).  Save to Udrive.

Be creative!  Include Flash, Fireworks and any CSS or HTML you picked up doing codecademy.

These websites should be looking more modern each time you build them.  Spend some time building clean code.

I love this stuff.  People love the Olympics because of the total focus and guts shown by the athletes.  Can your website celebrate that?  I remember watching almost all of these.  Ali lighting the torch makes me cry each time I see it.  I love Kerri Strug's vault.  Watch her face on the slo-mo.  Michael Johnson's 200m was the greatest race ever.  I don't know which one I would pick!

End the day with a blog post writing why you choose your clip.  Be sure to embed code in blog post and include links.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Nice job. Perhaps some of you can go back and revise your animations?


 1. Everyone writes a blog post about red dots. Where were you last month, how many do you have today? Any "exotic" dots from far away places?

2. Many of you will be in catch-up mode.  Choose an assignment you need to make up and submit (or improve!).  Many of you did not finish the Bohnsack blog post, the Flash replication, or part of this last project.  I'm giving you a chance!

3. I will give some of you a fun project to do with the new iPads.

If there is a comment on your blog, please respond!  I will spend much of today making comments and grading your blogs.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Memorial Day

Please complete the self-assessment on your blog today.  I realize there are some stragglers that need to finish desk work.  iPads are away.  If you still need them you will need to see me.

1.  Please write an introductory paragraph.  Introduce the project to your readers.
2.  For each task you completed (including blog posts) please write a separate paragraph.  Tell us what you did, how many points you should earn, and why.  Click here for possible points.
3.  Conclude with a summary paragraph.  How many total points did you earn?

When done please start the Memorial Day project

Your assignment is to make a poster about Memorial Day.

More information on Memorial Day can be found here: Wikipedia entry Be sure you understand the purpose of Memorial Day before tackling this assignment.

Your assignment is to design an image that could be posted in schools. You will use Fireworks and choose the appropriate tool or tools for your image.

Assignment parameters:

1. You set up the image size when you create a new document: Height=300 pixels, Width =600 pixels.
2. Your images MUST be non-copyrighted.
3. You must be able to defend your choice of a tool in your blog post.
4. You must include "Memorial Day" somewhere in your image. You might decide to include additional text (date, slogan, etc..).
5. You must finish by the end of the period on Monday 5/21.
6. Save in Udrive when done (bschneider) as a .jpg file. All students will save in the same folder so be sure you name it correctly in the WDrive BEFORE you copy it to the UDrive. Be sure to test your work in the UDrive.
Now, lets recognize that there are several functions this week (music trip, honors breakfast, etc...). Plan your work accordingly so things get done. I anticipate adding a Flash component to this assignment on Thursday.

Good luck!

Friday, May 11, 2012


I will begin grading your projects today.  This will be a bit cumbersome as I need to find them all.  Please be sure you have emailed me your book, shared with me your game, posted your showme on our Seymour High page, put your Flash in the Udrive, and/or finished your coding.

All 9th-11th graders need to fill out this form today.

Click here to see the eBooks as they are published.  You need to view books from an iPad.  Give link to your friends.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Here is your project.  Good luck.  Work hard.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

iPad reviews

You must have the Flash replication project done and the two coding courses done to do todays assignment.

I would also like you to help a classmate who may be struggling with the Java work if they need it.

Today we will work on doing some iPad reviews.  There is some issues with wifi connectivity in the computer lab so I may send you away.

Please write a review of three iPad apps on your blog.  This review must include:

  • Link to iTunes page for the app.
  • Educational uses for the app.
  • How easy was it to use and any other review.
Some of the iPads dont have all the apps.  Apps to choose from:
  • Six Strings
  • Morris Lessmore
  • DustBuster
  • My Story or Scribble Press
  • Noteshelf (or any other note program)
  • Skitch
  • Guardian Eyewitness
  • Molecules
You can write your reviews right on the iPad if you choose (and we have internet connection).

If you complete the iPad reviews you should head back to codeacademy and work on a new course.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


We will finish up the initial part of codecademy today.  The javascript is hard!  Keep using the help section and the hints.  It helps to go back and redo some sections to remember the code.  Many of you noticed how easy the HTML section is.  Hopefully the javascript will be easy soon.

I will grade you today:

4 = HTML and Javascript courses finished

3 = One course finished, have over 50 pts.

2 = No course finished but over 40 pts

1 = under 40 pts

0 = under 20 pts

If you finish up you can:

  • Start a new course.
  • Work on your blog.
  • Do some Flash or Fireworks tutorials.