Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I think this might work?

A new unit starts today as all classes will work on Fireworks tutorials.  Whether this is new or review I would like all to do the same work to start.  You should move straight down the "image effects" category.  Then move to the other categories.  This is sandbox time today and Friday.  Create a fireworks folder to save all of your work.  Every thing you do should be named, saved, and put in a folder.

Everyone must complete (at least):

A few hints:
  • Read the directions.  If you call me over I will just read the directions for you.  Take your time.
  • Choose photographs from Clipart that are high quality and appropriate for the task you are trying to complete.  Some photographs do not work very well in some tutorials.
  • Save and label everything you work on in a Fireworks folder.
  • Help your classmates.
If you finish please start on the text tutorials.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm not sure...

I'm not sure how the filter will be working today.

I have copied some of the Fireworks Tutorials to our wiki site.  I would like you to complete all five of the fireworks assignments on that page.

1. Are your blogs unblocked?
2. Does the video (last assignment) play?  If so, watch it.
3. Can you reach the tutorials from last Wednesday?  If so, use that link.

Option 2:

TED and Games

Theo Jansen: Freaky. Mind-blowing. But pay attention. What is life? Can you make something that lives out of PVC pipe? He does. Cyborg alert!
Wear your headphones.

When done check out the educational games and simulations. Can you find any other quality games?
Questions please answer in a MS Word document.  Put name on and print out for teacher:
1. Are the the Jansen creatures alive?  Why or why not?  This is a really hard question to answer--what is life?
2. Review each game in a 3-4 sentence paragraph.  What is the game, what is trying to teach you, and did it work?
3. Do games help learning?  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great Video

I love this. How graphics, music, and video come together to tell a great story.

And Everything Nice from John Jensen on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fireworks Unit

A new unit starts today as all classes will work on Fireworks tutorials. (this is blocked today?) Whether this is new or review I would like all to do the same work to start.  You should move straight down the "image effects" category.  Then move to the other categories.  This is sandbox time today and Monday.  Create a fireworks folder to save all of your work.  Every thing you do should be named, saved, and put in a folder.

If you are feeling behind--study!  I do not assign specific homework.  I expect you will be working on any issues that you have.  If you need to practice coding, then practice!

I think your blogs are working?  If so, we will start posting old work later today.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy vacation

If you need to catch up, today is the day.  I'm giving you 87 minutes and no new assignments.

If you are caught up have some fun (quiet fun).  If you haven't watched all the videos I have posted yet or done all the reading take the time to do that now.

I may call you up and talk about your work and ask you to fix a few things.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last html

Today is your last major HTML assignment.  You will create a four page website about your favorites.

A few notes:

  • Pay attention to the order that you do the codes.  Be neat.  Be exact.
  • Be sure the links work.  Links should include just the file name.
  • Keep the design of the pages in the website the same.  They should look like they are from the same website.
  • Maybe include video?
  • Think about using a table for your page layout.
  • Spend some time in the tutorials.  Are they any codes you should add to your page?
  • Be sure to name your folder and save your files correctly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

HTML: American Flag Assignment

American Flag on the Fourth of July
With the HTML practice I am trying to do the following: 
  • Get you accustomed to naming files, saving them, and opening the pages.
  • Understanding basic structure of code.
  • Switching from one teacher (me) to many teachers (you).
  • Have you acknowledge what a good website, good writing, and good design looks like.  
  • I will guide you, model some items, but I will try not to give you the answers.  This is a coding class, which is problem solving.  You need to learn how to solve the problems.
  • I will begin to insist on your best work.  Some of you will struggle and I will say "try again".  Don't get frustrated, I do that because I know you can do better.
  • At just about anytime I will allow you to work on your own projects.  Some examples of student led projects include this music video or maybe creating an advocacy campaign to change the world.  Seriously, this is your chance to really think about what you want to do.
We will make our first webSITE today. Until now we have made webPAGES. Today please do the following:

  • Create a folder in your WDrive-Web Design. Label it correctly (first initial, last name, assignment) "bschneiderFlag".
  • Download a clip-art or Creative Commons image of an American Flag. Save in flag folder
  • Create a two-page website.
  • Title Page 1: "American Flag". Add heading, background color, and flag image.
  • Center image.
  • Title Page 2: "American Flag History". Add heading. Add short description of Flag history with two links to further information.
  • Link pages together: Make image on Page 1 the link to Page 2. On Page 2 include a "home" link back to page 1.
  • Does your font choice matter?  Read this.
  • Save both pages. Test links.
  • Save entire folder to the UDrive-WebSchneider folder.  Find your class and the flag folder.
When done:

Nobody finishes early.  There is always something to work on.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Web Design: Introductory Quiz

Today's quiz #1 is a letter.

In this letter you must:

1. Include links and examples where necessary.
2. Provide evidence.
3. Be persuasive, yet friendly and helpful.
4. Your letter should be between 100-150 words.

Please evaluate the design bias, usability, and accessibility of the Seymour High School website. This letter should show evidence that you paid attention for the past few lessons.

You might want to look at some examples of other schools:

  1. Science Leadership Academy
  2. Naugatuck High School
  3. Lewis Elementary
Compare and contrast the sites.  Why do you go to a school website?  Who is the audience (teachers, parents, students, community, etc...).  Can you find what you are looking for?

Start your letter with "Dear Mrs. Goodrich".  

Save to your W Drive Web folder (on blog if blogs work..).  Print out for teacher.

Quiz #2 is HTML

The quiz for web 1 will be due by the end of the period on Monday. Some of you will finish early, some of you will have to work fast...

You will create a one page website about your current class schedule. This website should include:
  • A title in the header code.
  • A clear heading on the page.
  • A list of classes.
  • A brief paragraph describing yourself (junior at Seymour High School, etc...)
  • Background color other than white.  Keep the color light (no bright red, black, etc...if you disagree go back and look at the bad websites)
If you do the above correctly the maximum you can score is 3/4.  You must do at least one of the extras to be able to score 4/4.

1. Can you include an image that you created?  Remember that the image must be in the same folder as the webpage.
2. Can you place the schedule in a table?

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Today we will finish our introductory unit (test to come shortly).

Usability involves design and it involves hardware. First I must have enough bandwidth to get my information to the user. Bandwidth is the "size of the pipe" that carries information. The larger the pipe, the more information I can send. Second I need to think about the hardware at the end of the line. Is my user viewing the information on a phone or through a dial-up connection? Is my user using high speed DSL?

Here is what bad design looks like according to Vincent Flanders: Check out the worst website ever and his checklist for how to ruin your website.

Top ways to ruin a website:
1. We've designed our site to meet our organization's needs (more sales/ contributions) rather than meeting the needs of our visitors.
2. It takes longer than four seconds for a man from Mars to understand what your site is about. Example.
3. Our site looks like we've never seen another web site. Example.
4. We use design elements that get in the way of our visitors.
5. Our site doesn't make us look like credible professionals.

1. Read the following article. Save it in your favorites. Web Usability Guidelines.  The chart at the bottom is awesome.

2. Skim this basic article about usability from Great Britian.

3. What's wrong with Google?  Wouldn't you like to learn how to do that?

Please answer the following questions on your blog:

1. Define the following. Provide definitions that make sense to your readers.
  • bandwidth
  • web usability
2. Which of the following websites has a higher usability for teenagers. Why??

Connecticut Post

3. Find a website that you think has a high usability rating. Provide a link to this website and explain why you think its usability rating is high. Possible examples: Bobby (use headphones),  Baby Names (blocked??) Tall Buildings.

All three assignments (bias, accessibility, usability), the evernote biography recording, plus the two HTML webpages are due Tuesday.  Work hard today and produce your best work.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


We will start the HTML Tutorials today.  I will start with a bit of a group lesson and then I will see what you can do.  Most of the class time will be reading time today.

There are four main categories we are covering in this unit; bias, accessibility, usability, and ethics. Today we will focus on accessibility.

Read this article. Introduction to Web Accessibility. The website contains lots of useful information. Take your time reading it.

We will watch this CBS News Video together in class.

Read some of how Apple focusses on accessibility.

Answer the following questions:
  • Of the four major categories of disabilities (visual, motor, cognitive, hearing) which one do you think would pose the greatest challenges for a computer user. Why? Include specifics.
  • Dealing with a disability can be frustrating. What are three ways a web designer can design a less frustrating website for those who have a disability?
  • Try getting to the CNN website without using your mouse. How did that change the experience? Did you get frustrated?
  • What is our obligation to serve those with disabilities?
Post to your blog.  Please include any needed links.

When done here is your first HTML assignment.