Monday, January 28, 2013

Computer Applications Final Exam

Choose ONE of the following tasks for your exam:

Choice One:

You just started a wedding designing business.  You are looking for clients.

"Suzy Jackson" is a 28 year old who is getting married for the first time.  She wants to get married at the beach here in Connecticut.  You want her business.  She has told you she can spend up to $20,000 on her wedding.  There will be 100 guests.

Your exam must include the following:

  • formal business letter written to Suzy outlining the main points of what you hope to create and why she should hire you. 
  • A spreadsheet with properly formatted formulas outlining the projected costs of the wedding.  This may involve some research and some creative writing.  You can make stuff up if you aren't sure.
  • A sample printable wedding invitation.
Choice Two:

You just started a party business.  You are looking for clients.

"Jimmy Jones" is a 45 year old who wants to have a great super bowl party for 40 of his friends here in Seymour.  It will be a family affair.  There will be about 15-20 kids there.  He wants to spend about $1000.  He has a TV and a big living room but he wants everything else prepared.  This will be a "dry" party.  No alcohol.

Your exam must include the following:
  • formal business letter written to Jimmy outlining the main points of what you hope to create and why he should hire you.  
  • A spreadsheet with properly formatted formulas outlining the projected costs of the party.  This may involve some research and some creative writing.  Make sure you have something for the kids to do! You can make stuff up if you aren't sure.
  • A sample printable party invitation.

Exam hints:
  • Make stuff up if needed (like addresses).
  • Include extra stuff if time (like your business logo?)
  • You will save this in your google shared folder.  Create a folder within that folder called "EXAM".  If printer is working we will print this exam out.
  • Make sure everything is EXACTLY right.  

Monday, January 21, 2013


We're done.

If you are done with your work I thank you!

If you are not done, finish today.

Exam on Monday.

Can you find a scarier picture than this?

This sounds like a party.  Flour, eggs, and firecrackers.  I'm not suggesting any of you try this.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finishing Up

The marking period will close for this class on Tuesday January 22.  I will not assign any new work on that day.  I've built five "catch-up" days into the schedule so be sure you get all work in.

Your exam will be on Monday January 28.  It will involve some research, writing a formal letter, and creating a spreadsheet.  It is designed to take about 60-70 minutes. Some students will be quicker.

There seems to be some problems with the Google Sites links on blogmeister.  Lets try to figure it out.  I'm copying the links and pasting to make it work, but that isn't fun.  Not sure if this is the "google issue" we have had.

You have two assignments to finish today.

Some quality work from:


Design an invitation for the Presidential Inauguration.  I want this invitation to be on regular paper (8.5in x 11in).  It should be traditional but you don't have to exactly mimic the real invitation.  You will print this out when done.  It may look different when printed than it does on your screen.

You have many tools to choose from to do this assignment.



Please check and answer any comments on your blog.  This is a blog-wrapup assignment.

1. Has your digital writing improved?  How?
2. How many red dots did you get?  Any cool places visit you?
3. What assignments in class helped you learn the most?  Which ones were least successful?
4. Who has the best student blog?  Link to them and leave a compliment comment on their blog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Please write a blog post about your ePortfolio.  Be sure to include a link to the portfolio.  If you keep the link "private" nobody will be able to see it.

Tell me about the design of the portfolio.  What decisions did you make?


I will try to get grades out today.  Be sure everything is turned in.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Your final major project is to create a digital portfolio.  I suggest using Google Sites.  You might like Weebly, WikiSpaces, or some other site.

This portfolio should include work from this class (blogs, podcasts, documents, video) as well as other classes work, artwork, sports, clubs, and/or hobbies.

I will not give directions about length, topics, etc... The portfolio should be an accurate depiction of the work you have done.  What do you want to show the world about your academic work?

I hope this is a portfolio that will grow with you over time and you will use it throughout your career.  As we stated many times, the internet is your resume.  What do you want to appear when people search for your name?

You have many choices in setting up your portfolio.  Use google to find some examples that you like.  I like how this school does it.

First draft due Tuesday.

Some great work by:


I will catch up on missing grades, errors, omissions on Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Car car alarm won't stop going off every two minutes. I took the fuse out for the horn, but the alarm still activates, draining the battery. It has been fun.

I'm taking a personal day to deal with this. Please be sure to finish your work. Some of you still owe me work from December!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Where is Dean?

 Worth watching. Does your social media elevate others? Or tear them down? I see lots of "hater" posts. They get shared and retweeted. Our administrators spend a significant amount of time on twitter and facebook hating. Don't hate. ___________________________________________________________________________

 Each semester we do a Google activity where I use a colleague of mine to focus your searching skills.  In this assignment you must:

  • Effectively search for information.
  • Analyze that information and formulate an answer.
  • Write creatively.  You MUST include links in your answers.  Also consider including images, video, and other cool stuff.
  • All your answers will be on your blog.  Be sure to include the questions in your answers and link to this assignment.  Be clear to your readers!!!
Dean Shareski is a well know education expert who travels the world working with teachers.  He has an interesting blog.

Answer at least seven of the questions (I am adding more throughout the day).  Show your work (links, math, etc...):
  • Dean lives in Moose Jaw, Canada.  Where would he have to drive to watch Les Mis this weekend? 
  • If Mrs Shareski sent Dean to buy cool coffee mugs, where would he go?
  • What is the #1 TV show in Canada this season?
  • Would you say "hello" or "bon jour" if you saw a friend on the street in Canada? Does it depend where you live in Canada?
  • On average, is the daily temperature in Moose Jaw above or below Seymour?  By how much?
  • Dean has $10 in Canadian dollars. Can he buy a ticket to Les Mis?
  • What is the best golf course in Canada?  If Dean was home and he wanted to play golf, where would he go?
  • Dean wants to take his wife to a romantic dinner after seeing Les Mis.  Where does do you think his wife wants to go?