Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finishing Up

The marking period will close for this class on Tuesday January 22.  I will not assign any new work on that day.  I've built five "catch-up" days into the schedule so be sure you get all work in.

Your exam will be on Monday January 28.  It will involve some research, writing a formal letter, and creating a spreadsheet.  It is designed to take about 60-70 minutes. Some students will be quicker.

There seems to be some problems with the Google Sites links on blogmeister.  Lets try to figure it out.  I'm copying the links and pasting to make it work, but that isn't fun.  Not sure if this is the "google issue" we have had.

You have two assignments to finish today.

Some quality work from:


Design an invitation for the Presidential Inauguration.  I want this invitation to be on regular paper (8.5in x 11in).  It should be traditional but you don't have to exactly mimic the real invitation.  You will print this out when done.  It may look different when printed than it does on your screen.

You have many tools to choose from to do this assignment.



Please check and answer any comments on your blog.  This is a blog-wrapup assignment.

1. Has your digital writing improved?  How?
2. How many red dots did you get?  Any cool places visit you?
3. What assignments in class helped you learn the most?  Which ones were least successful?
4. Who has the best student blog?  Link to them and leave a compliment comment on their blog.

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