Friday, January 11, 2013


Your final major project is to create a digital portfolio.  I suggest using Google Sites.  You might like Weebly, WikiSpaces, or some other site.

This portfolio should include work from this class (blogs, podcasts, documents, video) as well as other classes work, artwork, sports, clubs, and/or hobbies.

I will not give directions about length, topics, etc... The portfolio should be an accurate depiction of the work you have done.  What do you want to show the world about your academic work?

I hope this is a portfolio that will grow with you over time and you will use it throughout your career.  As we stated many times, the internet is your resume.  What do you want to appear when people search for your name?

You have many choices in setting up your portfolio.  Use google to find some examples that you like.  I like how this school does it.

First draft due Tuesday.

Some great work by:


I will catch up on missing grades, errors, omissions on Tuesday.

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