Friday, January 04, 2013

Where is Dean?

 Worth watching. Does your social media elevate others? Or tear them down? I see lots of "hater" posts. They get shared and retweeted. Our administrators spend a significant amount of time on twitter and facebook hating. Don't hate. ___________________________________________________________________________

 Each semester we do a Google activity where I use a colleague of mine to focus your searching skills.  In this assignment you must:

  • Effectively search for information.
  • Analyze that information and formulate an answer.
  • Write creatively.  You MUST include links in your answers.  Also consider including images, video, and other cool stuff.
  • All your answers will be on your blog.  Be sure to include the questions in your answers and link to this assignment.  Be clear to your readers!!!
Dean Shareski is a well know education expert who travels the world working with teachers.  He has an interesting blog.

Answer at least seven of the questions (I am adding more throughout the day).  Show your work (links, math, etc...):
  • Dean lives in Moose Jaw, Canada.  Where would he have to drive to watch Les Mis this weekend? 
  • If Mrs Shareski sent Dean to buy cool coffee mugs, where would he go?
  • What is the #1 TV show in Canada this season?
  • Would you say "hello" or "bon jour" if you saw a friend on the street in Canada? Does it depend where you live in Canada?
  • On average, is the daily temperature in Moose Jaw above or below Seymour?  By how much?
  • Dean has $10 in Canadian dollars. Can he buy a ticket to Les Mis?
  • What is the best golf course in Canada?  If Dean was home and he wanted to play golf, where would he go?
  • Dean wants to take his wife to a romantic dinner after seeing Les Mis.  Where does do you think his wife wants to go?

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