Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Please finish the Flash Replication project first.

Today will start working on learning Java Script using the website Codecademy.  Java Script is a modern code that runs a lot of technology including websites, computers, and apps.  This is how you will learn how to program your robot.  It is important to learn.

I'll be doing it along with you!  I've forgotten Java Script and I think its time to relearn using this new site. We can help each other.

I would like you to create an account on the site.  This way we can keep track of your progress.

Some of you will really get into this.  After we get the basics down we will have a project option to develop computer programs and apps.

Monday, April 23, 2012

5 rules for social media

5 rules for social media:

License Some rights reserved by Mister Norris

Flash Replication Project

Create/name a folder. Call it first initial last name flash (bschneiderFlash)
  • Set up a basic HTML page.  Name it "home".  Title it "Awesome Flash Animations".
  • Be sure all your items are in the same folder.
  • Embed a shiny headline into the webpage.  When you create the movie be sure the canvas is the correct size (long and thin)
    • Center it
    • Use the <embed src="shiny text.swf" align=center> command to embed the movie title.  Note that you are embedding the Movie, not the Flash file.
  • Create two Flash Animations
    • Stick Figure I give you direction for this.
    • Flowers I don't give you directions for this.  Solve the puzzle!
  • Put the two animations in a 1 row table. You may need to play with the height/width of the movies.
    • <Table align="center" border="1">
    • <TR>
    • <TD><embed src="stick.swf"></TD>
    • <TD><embed src="flower.swf"></TD>
    • </TR>
All of the tutorials (text, stick, flower) I encourage you to be creative.  Feel free to stick to the script, but once you "get it" I would like to see you take it to the next level.
Copy your folder to the UDrive.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who is he?

Recently I got a comment via twitter and started an interesting exchange.
Cool.  New followers. 

So I spent a little time trying to find out who was this guy?  Twitter is interesting because I have so many colleagues on twitter that I never met (583 followers currently).  We exchange ideas, debate lessons, and support each other.  I have never talked to Jay, yet we exchange information.  He reads this blog (and your blogs?) and now I will read his.

And he has an interesting blog! Here is his school blog (leave him a comment? Get a red dot back?)

So we are going to find out some answers as a google review activity.  Find answers to each of these and post in an entry in your blog.  Each answer should contain a link, image, or video.  All of these answers require some thinking.  You should demonstrate that you can search effectively, process the information you find, select the best sources, and write about what you find in an interesting manner using links.

I guarantee he will be reading your answers.  Much of Moline High may read your answers as well.  Write smart.

1. Mr. Bohnsack teaches at Moline High School in Illinois.  Where is this school?  Find it in google earth. 
2. If he had to fly to New York which airport would he likely fly out of?
3. Estimate the total weight of his cattle.  His cattle are Herefords.  You will have to estimate how many cows he has and how much each weighs and do some math.  Show your work.
4. If you go to Moline High School which college team are you most likely to root for? 
5. If you lived in Taylor Ridge, Illinois and you wanted to take your wife out to dinner where would you be likely to go?
6. There are two Mr. Bohnsacks at Moline High School.  Are they brothers (this one is hard)?
7. If you were driving from Moline High School and drove west for six hours where would you be likely to stop?  How about south?  East?  Now choose your favorite of the three spots and why.
8. If you live in Moline what colors are your tractors most likely to be? (Hint: a big company is headquartered there).

Answers will be posted on student blogs.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Growing You Blog Audience

Step One

Your task is to create an audience for your blog.  How will you do this?  The best way is to comment on other people's blogs.  Creating an audience for your work is HARD.  It took me a long time to build even my meager audience.

Using the first page of blogmeister you should search for other blogs.  This is not an easy process as that search engine does not recognize new blogs.  One way to do it is to click on Featured Articles.  Or you can search by state, country, or age group.

Perhaps start here -- Leave a comment on a 1st graders blog,or here.  Be sure to log in first if on blogmeister and leave SUPER nice and SUPER polite short entries for the kids.

When you leave a comment be sure it extends the conversation about the blog post.  Don't spam them ("Hey, check out my blog!" or "If you click this link you can read my new eBook!").  But be sure the information boxes are filled out correctly (first name, last initial: leave email blank; your blog address).

Now, when they return to your blog do you have interesting content?  Will you have something for them to read?

How will we measure/grade this?  Write a blog post RIGHT NOW where you list:
  • How many countries have visited your blog.
  • How many red dots do you have.
  • How many comments from non-SHS people.
Then we measure the growth.  Good luck.

Step Two

Each of you should have a blog post measuring the reach of your blog.  Some of you began your campaign to grow your audience by commenting on blogs.  We will continue this now.

Click here to go to student blogs.

We discussed the difference between spam comments and valuable comments.  We discussed the proper way to format your comment (no email, first name last initial, blog address).  We discussed the value of responding to comments.  We recognized how hard it is to build an audience.

Building an audience is one of the most important skills we will work on.  Nearly every product, service, and idea is sold via the web now.  You MUST know how to get your work out there to survive and eat.  This blog is practice for that.

I'm also hoping to raise the level of work on your google profile.  For many of you your twitter feed is your #1 result on google.  For many of you this is NOT good.  Seriously.  And remember, swearing is bad.

Today you will do three things:
1. Write blog posts to increase the quality of your blog (see topics below).  You need posts that people will link to, email their friends, post on twitter.  We want people to be saying "Read this!".
2. Comment, comment, comment.  Using blogmeister or google you will find blogs to comment on.  You will leave comments everywhere.  You will make the comments interesting and they will extend the conversation.  
3. If you find an interesting blog post you will write about and link back to the original blog.  This is "polite blogging".  This is how traffic gets generated.

Suggested blog posts (remember to include links, a cool title, embed video/images if needed).  Choose one or all:
1. If you are a football player: Explain when you would punt the ball and when you "go for it" so anyone can understand it.
2. If you are a cheerleader: Is cheerleading becoming more dangerous?  Describe how cheerleading has changed over time.  Where is the line between OK and too dangerous?
3. If you are a musician:  How have headphones and iPods changed music?
4. If you are an artist/photographer: How has the internet changed how we view art?  Does the internet help or hurt art?
5. If you eat: What should we eat?  Should we be allowed to eat whatever we want?  What if we know what we eat is slowly killing us?
6. If you breath: Whats in the air that you breath?  Is it safe to breath?

Monday, April 02, 2012

Additional Flash Work

I will pass out grade sheets today for the third marking period.  If there are errors or omissions please let me know.  Some of you lost 7-10 points off your grade because you didn't do some blog entries.  I don't get that.

You need to complete the basic tutorials form the last session first.  Be sure to understand shape tween, motion tween, layers, and masking.

Today please try to complete the following.  These are much more complicated.  Some of these are video tutorials.  Be sure to use your headphones to respect your neighbors.  I suggest splitting your screen when doing the tutorials (tutorial on left, Flash on right)

Zoom In Zoom Out
Shiny Text
Drag and Drop (action Script coding)
Basic Slide Show
Importing Sound to Flash

Want to do something else?  Search on google or YouTube and find a tutorial.