Monday, April 02, 2012

Additional Flash Work

I will pass out grade sheets today for the third marking period.  If there are errors or omissions please let me know.  Some of you lost 7-10 points off your grade because you didn't do some blog entries.  I don't get that.

You need to complete the basic tutorials form the last session first.  Be sure to understand shape tween, motion tween, layers, and masking.

Today please try to complete the following.  These are much more complicated.  Some of these are video tutorials.  Be sure to use your headphones to respect your neighbors.  I suggest splitting your screen when doing the tutorials (tutorial on left, Flash on right)

Zoom In Zoom Out
Shiny Text
Drag and Drop (action Script coding)
Basic Slide Show
Importing Sound to Flash

Want to do something else?  Search on google or YouTube and find a tutorial.

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