Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today we take the quiz, start the new project, and take the survey. There seems to be a bug in the survey---hit submit until it gets through all the windows and is obviously done.
Many of you are staying after school or using study halls to get more time with the computer. Remember, many of these assignments (but not all) can be done at home.


Today is a half day. I also have my first graduate exam tonight. The exam is in supervision. Basically I get a packet about a teacher which includes information about their lesson, the schoool, etc...Then I watch a ten minute video of a lesson. I have four major questions to answer. Its a lot of writing. Next week I have my school improvement exam.

Please study for tomorrows test. Several of you have exams to turn in. Almost all of you have completed the Project Six.

I found some tools for using Google maps. Using this tool would greatly enhance any project that is history or map related. by using the bookmarks you can add text and links to any site on the map. For example, if you were doing a report on the Civil War you could bookmark all the battle sites, include links and photos, and a timeline. You could also view how the land has changed. Might make some of your powerpoint assignments more interesting?? Give it a shot.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Evoca is my cool site of the day. Could this radically change how we make a web site (or do our homework)??

One things I use the internet for is to find woodworking plans (this is getting blocked in school--why I don't know). I think that plan will be Claudia's Christmas present (shhh!). I think these sites are a good example of how the internet has changed recently. When people have a question now (how to install a dishwasher, how to refinish a floor, how to bake oatmeal cookies) they rarely open a book, instead they google the question. Many of these sites have a low usability factor. How would you improve them? Remember, these directions need to be printed, most people don't have a computer in their workshop.


Project Six is about forms. This part of HTML is rarely used anymore because it is fairly clunky. But I think it will be good to understand the structure, especially if you are going to into Web Design II. This is the first time you are adding an interactive element (beyond a web address) to your page. The book gives you a "dummy" address. If you add your email address instead the program will work and send you the results of the form. That might give you some ideas for your blogs.

I expect to have the Project complete by Thursday, Quiz on Friday, and we will start a new assignment on Monday. If you sit next to somebody who always says "You never told me about the quiz", please have them read this paragraph.

Today, everyone outlines. Due today. A warning: if you just look for bold words this chapter will not outline correctly. Read the chapter!

We have a half day this week for exams. A reminder that I will only be here that day until 3:30pm (I have exams that night). Please remember to inform your family. I would be happy to make other arrangements.

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Web Design

In the dark ages, back when I was in high school, the "cool" thing to have was an electric typewriter. It would display 3-4 words at a time and you could add and subtract text before it typed. I wasn't that cool, so I typed my papers on a regular typewriter with a ribbon.

When I went to Oberlin for my BA I used an Apple for my composing. I actually used the same program I use today (I use a much newer version now). There was some email, but it was only between colleges.

When I got my masters at Syracuse I had a laptop that could do basic things (no email). But it could print, use MS Word and Excel, and do statistics programs that I needed.

The rate of technology acceleration is incredible. Only ten years ago it would be common not to even own a computer. Now there can be 2-3 in a house. Anyone can publish their thoughts. ANYONE can blog or publish from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME using a mobile phone. That is how we get a free exchange of information. And information is power.

I am trying in this class to give you the opportunity to use these tools to accumulate information and thus power. If you can use these tools effectively you can have a much stronger voice in the world. These tools are changing constantly. But the obvious truth is that barriers are coming down. ANYONE can type and save and publish (how many of you were surprised how easy the wikispaces were?). It has never been easier.

So, only ten years ago email was "odd". What will the new "must have" technology be? Will you be ready for it? Now that you CAN have a voice and DO have a voice, will you use it??

Monday, November 27, 2006


Almost all of your exams are due. Barring extreme situations there will be no more extensions.

1. Print out the grading sheet in U:drive.
2. Print out projects and evidence (follow directions on sheet).
3. Print out and self assess rubric.
4. Compile exam in order. Complete grading on first sheet.
5. If your due date is later than today (only a few of you) you will work outside of classtime or when done with your project work. We start project six tomorrow.

I think this worked fairly well. The process was a bit messy, but I will make some changes for next time. I think having choices allowed many of you to explore some new things.

Project Six is about forms. We will only touch on this briefly as this language is rarely used anymore. But I think it is important to recognize the structure and purpose of forms. I am not exactly sure where we will go the last 6-7 weeks of the class. I need to coordinate with the other classes as I have all the Web Design II students. I know we have caught up to them at this point.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Those of you doing the labs should be careful you are doing the correct ones. Check the page numbers on the exam sheet. The 2 frame Andrews High lab is not one of the assignments.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


You should be starting the finishing process on your exams. I have a form in the U:drive to help you organize everything.

I will be gone most of period 4 and 5 today for a meeting.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Many of you are really flying on your exam. Some have wasted time. Your grade will reflect that.

A few things I am disapointed in:

1. Some students are copying work. They know who they are. What is worse is that some of you know it is happening. What do you stand for? If you don't have integrity I worry about how will cope with life. Why would you allow this?
2. If I need to go old school I will. My expectation is you work the entire period. Don't test me on this. If you disagree go home and say "Mr. Schneider made me do my work today, can you believe it??".
3. I have been shocked by the amount of swearing in the halls and classroom. I have taught in some very tough schools and I have never seen anything close to this. It gives a horrible impression.
4. I expect excellent work from all of you, not adequate work. I need to see start seeing better work from my elite students.

Enough about that. Give me the your best work everyday. No excuses. If you have a problem with that have your parents call me at 888-4564 and we can have a conference.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


All contracts must be posted to the blogmeister today. Be sure to include a table, a due date, and any subjects for videos or wikispaces.

A handful of you have not posted to your blogs. I am not sure of the issue. It is not optional.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Today we will start our web exam. While I have done projects like this before in other classes (both as student or teacher) it is new for me in this class. We will learn together. I have tried to set-up projects that bring in new knowledge to the class. Good luck.

Be sure to be documenting your daily progress on your blogmeister. That is the primary way I will grade you. All contracts will be submitted through blogmeister. All students must be prepared for an oral defense of their projects where faculty or students will ask questions of your work.

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Monday, November 13, 2006


Today we will take the quiz on frames. Good luck.

When you finish the frames I would like you to spend time cleaning up your U:drives and W:Drives. Make sure all files are correct, folders clean, etc...Please leave project five in the U:drive for me.

If you finish that please make an attempt to comment on a blog from another state/class. If you find a good blog, please link to it in your blog and leave comments so people can find it. Encourage them to read your blogs.

This would be especially cool if you found a elementary blog. They love pen pals.

Remember, don't ever include personal information (address, phone, full name, etc..) when using the internet.

The exam is almost done. You can check it out on the seymour wiki space.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Today is a work day where I hope to plow through a lot of grading. I am a bit behind on grading some project 4's.

I would like the following to be done today:

1. Complete and turn in the blog self-assessment sheet.
2. Turn in project 5 to the U:Drive.
3. Study for tomorrow's Project 5 quiz.

Blog work
Wiki work

I am working on the exam. You can see it forming on our wikispace.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Today we will work on finishing project five, outlining, practicing the quiz, and working on our blogs. We will grade the blogs Monday since some classes are missed due to the pep rally.

Take a moment to think about Veteran's Day which we celebrate tomorrow. Veterans Day remembers all veterans who have served. I know many of our families have men and women who have served our country. I think it is important to recognize them. If there are veterans in your family be sure to thank them. You might have neighbors or family friends as well. SHS Staff members? Make the effort.

Remember, we are podcasting. See the other posts on how to add this post to your iTunes feed.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HTML Frames

Today we will start our work on frames. Frames are an area that display text or graphics. Each frame displays a different web page. frames allow multiple pages to interact with each other. We will go over this in class today.

An important aspect of frames design is to sketch out your ideas. Frames can get difficult to work with if your plan isnt good. I urge you to practice drawing your pages out.

A good tutorial for frames is on this page.

For this project you will do the outline, quiz, and the project. I am starting to work on our exam for this marking period. The exam will include some of the labs for this project.

Please be sure to check your blogmeister page.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Image Map Quiz

Wednesday we will take the quiz on image maps.

After the quiz please turn in project 4 folder to the U:drive. We will start project five on Thursday.

If that is all done please work on your blog entries. I will grade blogmeisters on Friday. Please check the grading rubric on my blogmeister page. If you are having trouble, let me know. I have given you several questions to start a discussion. Discuss something.

I continue to work on the issues with our translator tool and the audio broadcasts. They should all work from home, but they aren't working here for students. I'm working on getting them unblocked. We have several projects starting (SHS blog, Wiki, Podcasts, etc..). Use the blog to get a group going.
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Monday, November 06, 2006


A lot of the new Web 2.0 tools I installed over the weekend are being blocked on student accounts. Be patient, I'm trying to work on getting them unblocked.

Until then, don't click on the translating tool here at school. I don't think the audio broadcast is going to work either.

But you can go to your blog and discuss this....

Sunday, November 05, 2006


This blog is being podcasted. You can listen through by using the tag on the right or put this URL into iTunes or another subscription service and entries will automatically be downloaded to your iPod.

Try it out.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Web 2.0

Check out this school webpage/blog. What an amazing way to use the technology. Who is ready to step up and do that for our school? Compare their site to our website in terms of our frames (technical, usability, accessability, etc...). Start thinking about how you would set up a new SHS blog.Listen to this article

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


I am taking the morning to handle some family things and I will be at the XC state open this afternoon to watch Seymour HS compete. Please try to do the following today:

1. Finish the Project 4. Help each other.
2. Make a blog entry (answer the questions) and make some comments on other blogs. Maybe look at blogs from other states or schools.

See you Monday. I will check your blog entries Friday night after the races.

And finally, lets find those three missing books. Please!


We're missing a few books. Please find them. Someone took them.


I missed importing the money.gif file that you need for the Apply1 assignment. Its in the U:drive now.

Judging by first period on Thursday I think we will finish most, if not all of this project by the end of class on Friday. They worked pretty fast, but almost all of them are pretty much finished.

So I will aim for quiz on Wednesday (Monday a lot of you are on field trip to NYC). Probably starting Project Five on Thursday or 2nd half of class on Wednesday.

If you have have finished please work on your blogs, fireworks or flash tutorials, or help your classmates.