Friday, November 17, 2006

Many of you are really flying on your exam. Some have wasted time. Your grade will reflect that.

A few things I am disapointed in:

1. Some students are copying work. They know who they are. What is worse is that some of you know it is happening. What do you stand for? If you don't have integrity I worry about how will cope with life. Why would you allow this?
2. If I need to go old school I will. My expectation is you work the entire period. Don't test me on this. If you disagree go home and say "Mr. Schneider made me do my work today, can you believe it??".
3. I have been shocked by the amount of swearing in the halls and classroom. I have taught in some very tough schools and I have never seen anything close to this. It gives a horrible impression.
4. I expect excellent work from all of you, not adequate work. I need to see start seeing better work from my elite students.

Enough about that. Give me the your best work everyday. No excuses. If you have a problem with that have your parents call me at 888-4564 and we can have a conference.

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