Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Project Six is about forms. This part of HTML is rarely used anymore because it is fairly clunky. But I think it will be good to understand the structure, especially if you are going to into Web Design II. This is the first time you are adding an interactive element (beyond a web address) to your page. The book gives you a "dummy" address. If you add your email address instead the program will work and send you the results of the form. That might give you some ideas for your blogs.

I expect to have the Project complete by Thursday, Quiz on Friday, and we will start a new assignment on Monday. If you sit next to somebody who always says "You never told me about the quiz", please have them read this paragraph.

Today, everyone outlines. Due today. A warning: if you just look for bold words this chapter will not outline correctly. Read the chapter!

We have a half day this week for exams. A reminder that I will only be here that day until 3:30pm (I have exams that night). Please remember to inform your family. I would be happy to make other arrangements.

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