Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Web Design Project

Here is our storytelling project.

I expect this to be your best work.  I expect this to take a few weeks.  Good luck.

Read this.  Its Rosa Parks Day.  Its worth taking a minute to reflect.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Day

 Last night was a big night! Do you know how to use Voicethread?  We have it on the iPad now.  Great story telling tool.

Get your website tests in.  When done you will need to rename your folder (bschneiderflashtest) and copy it to the UDrive class folder.

Please don't be the person who forgets to rename it in the WDrive.

Flash Replication Project

Create a folder called "Flash HTML Project"
  • Set up a basic HTML page.  Name it "home".  Title it "Awesome Flash Animations"
  • Embed a shiny headline into the webpage.  When you create the movie be sure the canvas is the correct size (long and thin)
    • Center it
    • Use the <embed src="shiny text.swf" align=center> command to embed the movie title.  Note that you are embedding the Movie, not the Flash file.
  • Create two Flash Animations
    • Stick Figure I give you direction for this.
    • Flowers I don't give you directions for this.  Solve the puzzle!
  • Put the two animations in a 1 row table. You may need to play with the height/width of the movies.
    • <Table align="center" border="1">
    • <TR>
    • <TD><embed src="stick.swf"></TD>
    • <TD><embed src=flower.swf"></TD>
    • </TR>
All of the tutorials (text, stick, flower) I encourage you to be creative.  Feel free to stick to the script, but once you "get it" I would like to see you take it to the next level.

Remember, everything must be in the same folder.  Keep it in your W Drive for now.

This is a test grade.  It is due Wednesday before break.  I am grading:
  • How you solve problems of a technical nature.
  • That you complete the project.
  • That your Flash and HTML code is correct.
  • The creativity that you can add to the project.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 Day Project

I'm going to give you a series of items to work on today.  Do ALL the activities and choose any TWO to write about on your blog (with links!!).

1. Check out a Google Skills List.  Try some of them.  Have you been using Google effectively?
2. Do any of those skills help you solve todays Google Puzzle?
3. Can you win Third World Farmer?  How do games help you learn?  Being a 3rd world farmer can be frustrating and hard and life just isn't fair is it?
4. Are Theo Jansen creatures alive?  Why or why not?
5. Take five minutes and look at Book Creator and Show Me on the iPad.
6. Leave a comment on a 1st graders blog, here, or here.  Be sure to log in first if on blogmeister and leave SUPER nice and SUPER polite short entries for the kids.  On the other sites if it asks for your blog be sure to copy the correct address of YOUR blog.  Find some other blogs on the front page of blogmeister.  Hint: they will come back and read your blog.  Be ready!

What am I grading:
1. Can you follow directions?
2. Can you process information from many sources and accomplish a task (leave comments, write, etc...)?
3. Can you work effectively with others?

I am hoping to grade your blogs this weekend.  Please edit any blogs that need editing.  Each blog should include links, a Title, have no spelling errors or typos, and be solid writing.  Double check all of them and make sure you have submitted all.

If you finish tackle some more Flash or Fireworks tutorials.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Additional Flash Work

You need to complete the basic tutorials form the last session first.  Be sure to understand shape tween, motion tween, layers, and masking.

Today please complete the following.  These are much more complicated.  Some of these are video tutorials.  Be sure to use your headphones to respect your neighbors.  I suggest splitting your screen when doing the tutorials (tutorial on left, Flash on right)

Zoom In Zoom Out
Shiny Text
Drag and Drop (action Script coding)
Basic Slide Show
Importing Sound to Flash

Want to do something else?  Search on google or YouTube and find a tutorial.

If you have not read the Morris Lassmore book on the iPad try to do that today if you have time.  Be sure to write about the experience (with links!) on your blog.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flash is Dead, But.....

Flash is kind of dead.  Adobe just pretty much killed it.  But, we have the software and I think it will be an excellent way to introduce you to animation.  We will explore several tools.

Save your Flash documents in the WDrive (make a Flash folder).  Save them in two formats.  First save the Flash document as an .fla file.  Then save the Flash Movie as a .swf file.  Then you will have two files for each project.  You can edit the .fla file.  You watch the .swf file.
Flash is probably new to most of you.  GO SLOW.  Skipping a step will cause your project to crash.  Coding is about being patient, paying attention to details, and seeing the big picture.

Please complete the following tutorials at a minimum on Monday:
Students who have those completed should work on:
If you get excited please start more tutorials (see link on right).

I'm still looking through your Veterans Day assignments.  Contest winner should be published soon.



  • Finish the Veterans Day assignment.  Be sure to save/submit it properly.
When done:
  • Who had the best Snow test?  Check the UDrive.  Leave a comment on that person's blog saying "I thought your test was the best because....."
  • Check out the article about the Morris Lassmore book.  Check the book out on the iPad (I don't have it on all iPads yet, be patient).  It is amazing.  Write about how reading is changing.
  • Can you win the Redistricting Game?