Saturday, October 27, 2012


For the first time on the podcast project I started to send the podcasts through my plagiarism checker.  I found two podcasts that were directly taken from articles on the web.  I sent those two students messages through soundcloud.  They will receive zeros for their work.  I also have to notify the administration and their parents.

I take plagiarism very, very seriously.

Now I need to spend time fact-checking the rest of the podcasts.  This is not what I wanted to do.  If you plagiarized any portion of your work on any project I suggest you take it down immediately.

Tuesday is a finish up day.  We start new activities on Thursday.


Check out this video.  I think they did a great job editing.  Some of the videos turned in do not have a good balance of audio with video.  Be sure to please both the ear and the eye.

In general your edits should be quicker.

Here is the grading document.  We will work on this Monday (get a head start).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Friday in October!

1. When your PBIS videos are done please email them to your Google folder.  If you are SURE everything is good please delete the clips and movie form the iPad to save space.
2. Remember, any idiot can make a movie.  My standards are a little higher.
3. Podcasts are improving!
4. You do not have to finish the code avenger, you just have to show good progress.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You may have noticed we are trying to start a chess club.  We are using an online system called  You can access the site on the iPads, your computer or your phone.

We hope to use this during appropriate times during school (lunch, Cat Cave time, etc...) but you can also play at home.  We will have tournaments and other activities.  It will be very informal and low key.  Try it out?

This is funny.  And stupid.  Really stupid.

I think Fitz and the Tantrums are cool.  Daryl Halls show is a GREAT music show.

Things to do (whats due Oct. 30):
1. Wikipedia (10-15 edits, etc..).
2. Podcast #3 (done w/blog post).  Remember you must have THREE podcasts done.  Also, I think the "post to soundcloud" button is working now.  Be sure to log in AND log out.
3. PBIS Video (done: edited and perfect).
4. Code Avenger (not done, just working hard).
5. Check and respond to blogmeister/soundcloud comments (done, now).

All projects are due TUESDAY October 30.  On some I originally had it as October 31, but we don't meet that day.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Projects Work

Things to work on:

1. Wikipedia.  I'd like to see if we can move up the quality scale.  Use the talk page to discuss changes you'd like to make.  Be polite to other editors and respect their ideas.  Wikipedia project is due October 31.  Check how I will grade it and ask questions if unclear.

2. PBIS Videos.  Please start with Step 1 in the directions.  You can make a video alone, or you can collaborate with classmates.  I'd like everyone to decide today:

  • Who are you working with?
  • Basic idea of script.
  • Time to practice using camera and iMovie
    • Be sure to delete videos or movies when done practicing.

3. Podcast #3: is due October 31.  How will you improve?

4. Respond to comments on your blogmeister or Soundcloud.

Many projects will be coming due at the same time.  Be sure to plan your day and your homework.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


PBIS: We received a gift certificate from Target.  If that is your letterplease write a thank you letter.  I have envelopes.



We will be spending some time in wikipedia.  I want you to read, edit, and comment on articles.  Wikipedia is a very, very powerful tool for communication.

Step 1: Create an account in wikipedia.  This should work today.  If it is IP address blocking you try this procedure.

Step 2: Complete the tutorial.  Wikipedia's editing rules are serious.  

Step 3: Begin editing the Seymour High School page.  Follow the wikipedia rules to decide:

  • What is relevant?
  • What can you provide sources for?
  • How should you format the entries and edits?
You WILL get almost immediate feedback from other editors on the site.  Be polite, be thoughtful, and above all be correct!

Step 4: Edit additional articles that may interest you.  Anything that is school appropriate.  I expect this to be an ongoing process.

How will I evaluate you?  Good question.
  • Quality:
    • Do your edits follow the format for wikipedia?  
    • Do the edits get rejected by other editors?
    • Do you add value to Wikipedia?
    • Did you finish the tutorial and show evidence of that work in your editing?
  • Quantity:
    • You should have between 10-15 substantive edits (not fixing typos, etc...) before October 31.  This will be hard for some of you.
    • I should see some edits over a period of time (not all on one day).  This is to show that you are checking your work and responding to other editors.
    • Edits survive on at least two pages.
  • Collaboration:
    • Do you help classmates as you complete the tutorial?
    • Do you utilize the chat functions to communicate with other editors?
    • Do your edits respect other viewpoints?

In addition:

1. Everyone does Google A Day.
2. If you are missing blog entries (Halloween?, 2nd podcast with link?) do that now.
3. Everyone must have at least four comments on Soundcloud podcasts.
4. Some of you will work on podcasts, especially sports podcasts.  Podcast #3 is due by October 31.
5. A few of you are working on PBIS videos.
6. Code Avenger.  Try to finish courses.  This wil be homework after today.


Sunday, October 14, 2012


PBIS raffle prizes have begun to arrive.  So far we have received:

  • Two $10 gift certificates from Blanchettes.
  • A really nice book about Yankee Stadium from the New York Yankees.
However, I can only give credit to one of you, since I can't find the Yankees on the PBIS form.

If your letter worked please write a thank you letter.  I have envelopes.


We will be starting a project in Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that is edited by YOU.  Wikipedia has very strict protocols and formats.  I think its important to learn how to edit and contribute to this site.  I hope to work on the Seymour High School page first.

Please do the following:
1.  Create an account in Wikipedia.  Please use a version of your name (First name, last initial).  This seems to be not working, please do this part at home).  You can do most of the tutorial.
2.  Work on the tutorial.  We do not have a textbook, but occasionally I feel it is important to do "textbook" work.  Take the time to read, practice, and understand the rules of wikipedia.

In addition:
1. Some of you will work on PBIS videos.
2. Work on your code avenger courses.
3. Next podcast is due October 31.  If you'd like, get it done now.
4. We are going to practice persuasive writing.  Please write a short blog post that answers the question "On Halloween should teens trick-or-treat? How old is too old?"


Many of your blog grades are not good.  Many of you did not answer the reflective questions after your last podcast.  Too many missing entries.  Are you reading your comments?

Here is an example of a quality answer to the Google a Day question.

Write as if someone is reading!  Check your red dots on your clustrmap.  People are tuning in.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Videos, Challenges and More

This is awesome:

Today's assignments:

  • Make comments on podcasts.  Good, constructive comments.  ("good job" doesn't count).  Everyone must write at least four comments.
  • Checks your blog for typos, bad links, or missing entries.  I will do a blog check grade this weekend.  
Challenge #8:
Google a Day has changed its format a bit.  I'd like each of you to explore it and then write me a blog post where you:
  • Link to appropriate information.
  • Explain how we can "keep score".  Is it easier/harder now?  Is it more of a game?
  • Should you log-in to Google Plus first?  Can you create a "Computer Apps" circle in google plus?
  • What are the badges about?
  • Explain fully to your readers what google a day is.
Challenge #9:
We are going to work on coding.  If you have taken Web Design this will be review.  If not, it will be new.

Please go to Code Avengers site and create an account.  Mr. Oberdick has recommended this site for us.  Some of you may have used Code Academy last year.

Have your CodeName be your First Name and Last initial.

When in the account...

Linking Students to Teachers

  1. Click the Menu button in the top left, then Options
  2. Enter the teacher's email address in the Teacher's email ( box
  3. Click Save Changes to complete the setup
We will work at our own pace throughout the class.  Start wherever you want.  I suggest you work with your partner so you can solve some of the puzzles together.

Challenge #10:
Some of you will work on PBIS Videos. I will assign students for this.  We will all do this assignment later next week, but I need people to test the procedure.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Podcast #2


1. Google a Day.  Please be sure you format the time correctly on your spreadsheet.

2. Put in some headphones and watch some comedy.

3. Try to answer the US citizenship test questions.

4. Soundcloud items.  You must have:

  • An avatar.  If it doesnt work here (using chrome) then do it at home.
  • Leave comment on a podcast.
5. We will work on podcast #2 today.  It is due Monday.  Try to get it done today.  Remember, you must complete a reflection blog post (with the right questions!) after a podcast.

Curious about what's coming?  We will soon make:

Monday, October 01, 2012

Work Day

You should:

1. Google A Day.  Put answer in your spreadsheet.  Many of you are formatting the time wrong.  Figure it out and fix it.

2. Finish your PBIS test from last week.  I must put "Print This!" in a comment before you print it out.  You will need to address your envelope.  Write neatly!

3. Work on script in Evernote and then start production for your next podcast.  2nd podcast is due October 9.  I suggest finishing your script/outline today.

4. Put in your headphones and watch some video.  This is a student video, he did it himself.  We are making videos soon.  Will yours get 2,000,000 views?  I hope so!

5. Clean up any missing challenges.

6. Check your blog for errors and edits you need to make.