Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Videos, Challenges and More

This is awesome:

Today's assignments:

  • Make comments on podcasts.  Good, constructive comments.  ("good job" doesn't count).  Everyone must write at least four comments.
  • Checks your blog for typos, bad links, or missing entries.  I will do a blog check grade this weekend.  
Challenge #8:
Google a Day has changed its format a bit.  I'd like each of you to explore it and then write me a blog post where you:
  • Link to appropriate information.
  • Explain how we can "keep score".  Is it easier/harder now?  Is it more of a game?
  • Should you log-in to Google Plus first?  Can you create a "Computer Apps" circle in google plus?
  • What are the badges about?
  • Explain fully to your readers what google a day is.
Challenge #9:
We are going to work on coding.  If you have taken Web Design this will be review.  If not, it will be new.

Please go to Code Avengers site and create an account.  Mr. Oberdick has recommended this site for us.  Some of you may have used Code Academy last year.

Have your CodeName be your First Name and Last initial.

When in the account...

Linking Students to Teachers

  1. Click the Menu button in the top left, then Options
  2. Enter the teacher's email address in the Teacher's email ( box
  3. Click Save Changes to complete the setup
We will work at our own pace throughout the class.  Start wherever you want.  I suggest you work with your partner so you can solve some of the puzzles together.

Challenge #10:
Some of you will work on PBIS Videos. I will assign students for this.  We will all do this assignment later next week, but I need people to test the procedure.

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