Sunday, October 14, 2012


PBIS raffle prizes have begun to arrive.  So far we have received:

  • Two $10 gift certificates from Blanchettes.
  • A really nice book about Yankee Stadium from the New York Yankees.
However, I can only give credit to one of you, since I can't find the Yankees on the PBIS form.

If your letter worked please write a thank you letter.  I have envelopes.


We will be starting a project in Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that is edited by YOU.  Wikipedia has very strict protocols and formats.  I think its important to learn how to edit and contribute to this site.  I hope to work on the Seymour High School page first.

Please do the following:
1.  Create an account in Wikipedia.  Please use a version of your name (First name, last initial).  This seems to be not working, please do this part at home).  You can do most of the tutorial.
2.  Work on the tutorial.  We do not have a textbook, but occasionally I feel it is important to do "textbook" work.  Take the time to read, practice, and understand the rules of wikipedia.

In addition:
1. Some of you will work on PBIS videos.
2. Work on your code avenger courses.
3. Next podcast is due October 31.  If you'd like, get it done now.
4. We are going to practice persuasive writing.  Please write a short blog post that answers the question "On Halloween should teens trick-or-treat? How old is too old?"


Many of your blog grades are not good.  Many of you did not answer the reflective questions after your last podcast.  Too many missing entries.  Are you reading your comments?

Here is an example of a quality answer to the Google a Day question.

Write as if someone is reading!  Check your red dots on your clustrmap.  People are tuning in.

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