Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You may have noticed we are trying to start a chess club.  We are using an online system called  You can access the site on the iPads, your computer or your phone.

We hope to use this during appropriate times during school (lunch, Cat Cave time, etc...) but you can also play at home.  We will have tournaments and other activities.  It will be very informal and low key.  Try it out?

This is funny.  And stupid.  Really stupid.

I think Fitz and the Tantrums are cool.  Daryl Halls show is a GREAT music show.

Things to do (whats due Oct. 30):
1. Wikipedia (10-15 edits, etc..).
2. Podcast #3 (done w/blog post).  Remember you must have THREE podcasts done.  Also, I think the "post to soundcloud" button is working now.  Be sure to log in AND log out.
3. PBIS Video (done: edited and perfect).
4. Code Avenger (not done, just working hard).
5. Check and respond to blogmeister/soundcloud comments (done, now).

All projects are due TUESDAY October 30.  On some I originally had it as October 31, but we don't meet that day.

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