Monday, October 01, 2012

Work Day

You should:

1. Google A Day.  Put answer in your spreadsheet.  Many of you are formatting the time wrong.  Figure it out and fix it.

2. Finish your PBIS test from last week.  I must put "Print This!" in a comment before you print it out.  You will need to address your envelope.  Write neatly!

3. Work on script in Evernote and then start production for your next podcast.  2nd podcast is due October 9.  I suggest finishing your script/outline today.

4. Put in your headphones and watch some video.  This is a student video, he did it himself.  We are making videos soon.  Will yours get 2,000,000 views?  I hope so!

5. Clean up any missing challenges.

6. Check your blog for errors and edits you need to make.

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