Thursday, September 27, 2012

Computer Apps Test

Your first test is due Monday.  I am giving you some freedom of time as I know some of you are working on podcasts or finishing the challenges.

You are familiar with the PBIS system that SHS has implemented.  Part of this program involves incentives for students.  We have been using the "respect bucks" for students to enter a raffle and win stuff.

Which gets us to our test.  We need free stuff to give out.

You will write a formal business letter to a national business (Coke, Dunkin Donuts, ESPN, etc..) requesting free stuff to support our PBIS raffles.  Think of stuff that is raffle ready (gift cards, hats, posters, etc...).  We might get a free trip to Paris from American Airlines, but I doubt it.  I guess we could try.

Step One: Research companies.  What type of stuff would be good for the raffle?  Do these companies have a program that supplies donations?  What address do you need?

Step Two: Does a Seymour connection (grad, parent, teacher spouse) work for this company?  That might be who you address the letter to.

Step Three: Add your information to this spreadsheet.  Only one letter per company!  Keep checking the list, if someone choose Pepsi-Cola you need to find someone else.

Step Four: Write the letter in your shared Google Folder.  Check this experiment out first.  If your letter is longer than 150 words or so you are doing it wrong.

Ask the companies to send stuff to:
    PBIS Raffle
    attn: Brandt Schneider
    Seymour High School
    2 Botsford Rd
    Seymour, CT

Step Five: When you are done I need to read it and put a "Print It!" comment on it.

Step Six: Print letter, address envelope, hand to teacher.

Step Seven: Wait for free stuff.

Step Eight: For extra credit you can write additional letters to companies.

I am grading that:

  • Letter addressed to correct person.
  • Formatting of letter is correct.
  • Writing is clear, concise, accurate.
  • You are successful, we get free stuff.

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