Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today we will:

1. If 9th graders can, please do classblogmeister activities from the last class. 10-12th graders: did you get any red dots on your clutrmap?  How can you get more?
2. Please take two minutes to complete the Google of the Day.
3. Complete Google Doc Challenge #1:

  • Create a New Document in your BusCompApps folder.  Name it "challenge #1".
  • Write me a formal business letter.  It can be short.  Write about anything.  Insert a hyperlink and a picture.  Google the school address if you don't know it.
  • Invite one other person to collaborate on the document.  You want to share the document, not the folder.
  • Use the chat or comment feature to have your partner remove the picture from the document.  (Yes, I know you can just turn and ask them, but I want to see that you can do this).
  • Publish your letter to the web.
  • I will check that you:
    • Shared it with me (its in the shared folder).
    • Collaborated effectively (remember, I can see the history and who made edits).
    • Format letter correctly.
I will spend a significant amount of time talking about our podcasting projects.  This should be fun.  I want first broadcasts posted this week.

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