Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Please respect the class rules and do not have coffee in the room unless its in a non spillable cup.

Thanks for getting the work done while I was out on Monday.  Before you start, put in your headphones and have a good laugh.

I will be grading Monday's work while you work today.

**Be sure to complete the Google a Day and put the answer in your spreadsheet that you made on Monday.

Challenge #5:
Draw a map of Seymour High School using Google Docs.  Name this "Challenge #5-Map".  I do not need EVERY detail on the map, just the highlights (cafeteria, library, etc...).  How will you deal with the 2 floors?

Challenge #6:
Write me a formal email asking me to publish your podcast on my radio station.  Write it to bschneider@seymourschools.org.  This email should be short, include a link, and have absolutely no typos.

Challenge #7:
**see note below**  Please write a blog post about your survey results.  What will you improve next time?  One of the most important aspects of any campaign (business, political, or social) is getting responses.  Did you get five responses?  If not, work on it before you write the post.

***One note: the blog surveys seem to produce an error code in blogmeister (check them out).    I have emailed Mr. Blogmeister to try and find a solution.  I tried coding it, and using the graphical interface.  Extra credit to anyone who can figure it out.***

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