Thursday, September 20, 2012


When you write about your podcast in your blog there are two ways you should/can link to it

1. Link:

I made a podcast about the Andromeda Strain.

2. Embed

There is a "podcast" box in blogmeister.  Don't use it.

Some of you will quickly realize how to amplify your message by using facebook, twitter, email or your blog.  For example, Cindy's podcast could quickly be posted on the facebook page of every NVL volleyball player.  If its picked up and tweeted by the reporters of the Waterbury papers it will get amplified even more.  Be aware that what you record WILL be listened to.

You may get comments on your podcast.  You can set the podcast to no comments. Check this link out.  If there are any issues let me know immediately.

I've restarted a landing page for the podcasts.  I hope to finish coding it today.

Some things to improve on:
1. You should follow your classmates in Soundcloud so your "Dashboard" will show you all the new podcasts.  If you go to "Seymour High Music" and check followers it will be easy to do so.
2. Your podcasts must be between 2-3 minutes.
3. Many of your podcasts have low volume.  Be sure to use the microphone or speak more clearly into the iPad.
4. Above all, its got to get done on time.  Many of you use lunch, study hall to get more time with the iPad.  I don't assign much, if any homework in this class.  I also allow you to manage your projects.  But they must get done on time.

1. Work on your blog.  Does it have clustrmap?  Are all your entries posted?  Any typos, links to fix?
2. Comment on a classmates blog.  You should comment with your blog address, your First name and last initial, leave the email blank.
3. Listen and comment on student podcasts.  Notice you can comment directly on the podcast!  Please use your headphone.

One note:

I ask that you respect our learning environment and keep the food and drink outside of the computer lab.  I have allowed drinks as long as its unspillable and has a screw top.  That the compromise. Please keep the containers of coffee out of the room.

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