Sunday, September 16, 2012

Podcast Project

We will be making videos soon.  Take ten minutes and watch this video (if you have your headphones).  Powerful, well done movie. Notice how they use music, text, and images to create emotion.

Today I will grade the following:

1. Google Doc Challenge #1.
2. Blog check (has clustrmap, and two blog entries).  I'm hoping 9th graders have access.

By Friday I will check that:

1. First podcast is published.
2. Soundcloud account is functioning and you have started to develop an audience for your show.

I'm working on a landing page for the podcasts.

Please work on the following:

  • Listen to some sample podcasts or here or here.  Take some notes about what works. Review the directions and tutorials on our podcast page.
    • Will you have opening music?
    • Will you sign in and sign off correctly?
    • Will you introduce guests correctly?
    • Will you pace your broadcast and have a beginning, middle, and end?
    • Did you notice how good podcasts tell you what the podcast is about right at the beginning?  You are painting pictures with words.  Be consistent, be descriptive.
  • Create an avatar in Paint (or Fireworks..) or search for a non-copyrighted image to use on your Soundcloud account profile.  Please avoid actual images of you, it causes too many problems.  Also, never publish someone else's copyrighted images that you stole off a google search.  
  • You should have Google, Dropbox, Evernote account.
    • You must share a google folder with me.  Name it correctly.
  • Choose your podcast passion subject.
    • Create an Evernote note to brainstorm ideas, make notes, etc...
    • Write a blogmeister post about the project.  Link to the project directions, talk about your passion, and what you'd like to learn/cover in your reporting.
  • Begin working on your podcasts.   I dont have enough iPads for everyone to be working at once.  Manage your time and the resources effectively.  iPads are available at lunch and before school, and most study halls.  
    • First podcasts should be posted today for some of you, if we can get it to work with the filter.  We may have to design a work around...

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