Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dreamweaver Projects

As suspected many of you are flying through the Project. Take it at your own pace. A few things you must do:

1. Make daily blog posts or comments. Demonstrate evidence of thought, readings, and growth. Add to the discussion. "Hi John, I can't wait for lunch" is not an acceptable comment.

2. Finish your outline.

3. Start using the practice test. There are no notes in the quiz so study!

Since some of you might finish today I am rushing to get the extras set up. I will ask you to do the following (we will all do the same assignments this time). I encourage you to work together on these parts of the project. Sometimes it helps to talk through the steps with a partner.

1. Apply Your Knowledge (Lawn Service)
2. In the Lab 3 (Plant City)
3. Cases and Places 5 (student trips)

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Dreamweaver is the primary text for this class.

Before you start create a new folder in your WDrive-Dreamweaver folder called "Project 1".

Please check the following:

1. What number book you have. Please double check this every day. You are responsible for this book. It is shared with the five other classes.

2. Our book work follows this sequence: read-outline-project-quiz.

  • First, read the chapter. Get a general understanding of what you will be learning.
  • Outline the basic concepts and terms. Save each outline in your Dreamweaver folder.
  • Do the project for each chapter. Follow the directions.
  • Prepare for the Learn it Online quiz.

3. This book is more advanced than the HTML book. The author will show you how to do something once, than expect you to know how to do it. For example, the first time they will go through all the steps for adding images (click here, drag here, etc...). During the next chapter they just say "add images". Pay attention!

4. Use the resources provided. Powerpoint, Learn it Online, the blogs, classmates, etc... We will learn a lot over the next few days.

5. The files you need are in the UDrive--WebSchneider.

Note: pages 1.12 through page 1.20 will require some network navigation. Create your "parks" folder in your WDrive-Dreamweaver-Project1 folder. Read carefully and ask if you are not sure.

Good luck.

Friday, January 26, 2007

What's next?

Today we will finish our pre-assessment. I want to see how you write. Being able to process information and communicate effectively is essential in today's information revolution.

I ask that you do a few things first:
1. Watch the Jeff Han video (use headphones). Han is a leader in the technology world and his use of the touch screen is very cool. How would this impact web design?
2. Go to the Don't Click It site. How does "not clicking" change your experience? Can you see how the technology on this site might be related to the work Jeff Han is doing?

Additional ideas (you may have seen these before):
1. Simulations. Many of you play online games and simulations. You might play with someone who is across the world. This collaboration is a great Web2.0 example. But what about education games? Pilots use flight simulators. Why can't we use simulations in school? Check out Ayiti. Would you rather play the game to learn about the problems in Haiti and other 3rd world countries or do a worksheet?
2. Baby Names. Do you want a book of 1,000s of baby names or use this website? A great example of how web design makes searching easier.

Today's assignment:

  • Go to your blogmeister.
  • Write an article that reflects on the websites you visited. Talk about these websites (and others) in terms of our web design concepts (usability, accessability, etc...). How does this technology improve how we use information? What does a website made in 2007 need to look like?
  • Be sure to include links in your post. Don't say "this article". Make it clickable so people can visit the link.
  • Include a link to this post.
  • Post a substantive comment on another students blog. Reflect on what they say, add a link to an idea, or any other way to increase the collaboration amongst us.
  • Be sure to follow protocal for comments and posts (ethical, no last names, include links, include URL, no email).

It is my goal that by June you are able to create websites that look like they were made in 2007, not 1995. This will be a lot of work. But you MUST agree to some things first (I suggest you write about some of these ideas):

  • Understanding usability is everything. Does your website add value to the world?
  • Read/write web. You must get used to the read/write concept where as you are reading you are already thinking of your response. This is different than if you are reading the newspaper or a novel where there is no conversation. Modern web design is about collaboration (blogs, wikis, etc..).
  • You are part of a new generation that will have incredible power of technology and machines but faces incredible battles (war, oil, global warming, cancer, etc..). How can America and its students compete as the "Shift happens".
  • You will communicate in this new world with video, read/write blogs, email, etc...Most of you do this already. Assignments and strategies in education from even five years ago are invalid now. You must insist that resources are provided that teach you to be preared for 2017, not 1987. For example, its great to know how to write a paper, but you REALLY need to know how to make and edit a movie to survive in this new age.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

HTML Pre-Assessment

We will finish the HTML pre-assessment today. I have been impressed that almost all of you have had no trouble with this assignment. Todays assignment is about adapting to code changes.

There are always changes with any work order. Your web design boss has seen your draft and wants you to make the following changes:

1. She wants the background color to match the blue heading on this blogspot page. Coded Color Slider (put this in link in your favorites!!)
2. She really likes the two news links that are visual (the Newsmap and the Daylife). She wants you to find one other site that has a very high usability factor (mix of visual and text, obvious focus, easy to use and find information). Use google, technorati, the class wiki, or this blog to find the "coolest site ever". Include link on your website.
3. She wants an email link so people can leave comments. Email address is
4. She asks that you take a few minutes and view the source of some of these pages. Please ask a classmate if you don't remember how to do this. See if you can include one element or idea (such as a specific code or design principal) from these pages in your HTML page.

I will be working today to get the blogmeisters assigned to all the new bloggers. Be patient.

Students with blogs should all leave a reflection today about the first three days of Web2.


Today we will take a tour of several items. For students who took my Web1 class much of this will look familiar, but I ask that you look at everything with new eyes.

This is a blog. A blog is read/write web device that allows a writer to communicate directly with his/her audience. The blog can incorporate pictures, video, sound and many "widgets" that are Web 2.0 based. Myspace is a blog. In addition to your classmates blogs on blogmeister please look at the following blogs:

Senator Blog
TV News Blog
MTV Blog

A wiki is a program that allows collaboration on the web. Members are allowed to create, edit, and improve information in real time. The classic example is wikipedia which is updated constantly. How wikis are better? For example, your science textbook still says there are 9 planets, even though Pluto was declared to NOT be a planet in August. One minute after that announcement the entry on wikipedia was changed. In a world that moves at incredible speed, can we afford to still be textbook based?

Wikis incorporate video, images, and sound as well. But the most important aspect is that they are collaborative.

These examples were created by Web1 students:

Ballet Wiki
Cheerleading Wiki
Obesity Wiki

Web 2.0 Stuff:
Take a moment to look through these sites. Put the ones you like in your favorites. We will explore throughout the class. Each website has something "new" to offer.

Tall Buildings
Typing Test

You will now create an HTML website using notepad. You can use the HTML book or any of your old files. This is a pre-assessment for this class. I want to see what you can do.

Your website should:
--Summarize the Web 2.0 applications you looked at. Include links to at least 4 websites. Include all aspects of the web site design (title, heading, frames, links, etc...) that you feel are needed to summarize the information. You are basically recreating this blog entry in notepad using HTML.
--Include at least one clipart image (use link from this page).
--Show evidence that you understand todays discussion of accessability, usability and bias.
--Save your file as web.htm in your "other" folder in the WDrive.

This should take you maybe 15-20 minutes. I'm just looking to check that you have basic computer/HTML skills. I will grade complete as long as you give a strong effort.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Web Design 2

Welcome to Web Design 2! I know we will have a great time this semester. As I already talked about, we will cover many new things during this semester. We will move out of the world of notepad into the program world of Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks. We will continue to work on our blogs, wikis and other aspects of the read/write web. You will do a lot of writing, reading, analyzing as we aim to improve our communication skills.

Over 99% of the information in the world is digital. Can you find this information, process it, interpret it, and reproduce it in a thoughtful way. That is what this course is about.

We will move faster than Web 1. However, this pace will not be the same for all. I will expect some leaders to emerge shortly who move VERY fast on our projects. This speed will allow us time to work on some exciting things.

Today is grunt work. Please do the following.

1. Go to your W:drive
2. Create a folder "web2"
3. Within the web2 folder create four more folders: Dreamweaver Projects, Flash Projects, Fireworks Projects, Other.

Create an MSWord document. (Web1-Schneider students answer these questions on blogmeister).
1. Save as "Day1" in your Other folder.
2. After watching the Did you Knowmovie please write a 1-2 paragraph reflection. How does this movie relate to your life here in Seymour, CT?
3. What about the future gets you excited? What scares you? Write 3-4 sentances on each question.
4. Bloggers, include 1-2 links in post.
5. Save file.

Good luck!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Exam Summary

Exams are over. I have 1-2 student taking exams tomorrow. Grades are on

Summary exam averages:
Period 1: 84.6
Period 2: 79.4
Period 4: 82.4
Period 5: 82.2
Period 6: 81.5

A few notes:

Memo: The number one problem was not following the format. This made your memos very unclear. Some of you turned in an entire page without using paragraphs. Second, how long should a one page memo be? Why would you turn in a second page?

Those of you who included evidence from readings, thank you! I was surprised more of you didnt talk about the $100 laptop we read about.

HTML: Some very good websites. Some of you get too creative with colors. Less is more. But overall you understand this very well.

Vocab: Some of you nailed it. Some of you needed to study.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Final Exam: Web1

Today we will begin our final exam.

Rules for exam:

1. Do your own work. No questions, or outside assistance.
2. You may use your book and code files for the memo and HTML section.
3. You can only use your printed outlines for the HTML section.

Be sure to follow directions and turn work in properly.

Stay quiet for the entire exam period.

Click here to visit the exam. The vocabulary link will only be active during the exam period.

The end of Web1.....

Today is the final day of regular classes for Web1.

1. Be sure you have submitted a grading sheet and all your work for the final project.
2. Have your outlines complete and printed out for use during exam.
3. Study and review one-page memo, HTML, and vocabulary.

1. Regular class period. Memo and HTML sections of exam will be posted. Can use book and files for assistance.

1. Exam periods begin.
2. Vocabulary part of exam during these periods. May only use printed outlines.
3. All parts of the exam must be completed by end of designated exam period.

Remember, no assistance from teacher or classmates during exam.

Good luck!

Friday, January 12, 2007


I have talked a lot about how traditional ways of assessment aren't always productive. Here are two examples of video that are truly outstanding by high school students.

1. AP Psychology: Sleep Disorders. This is a youtube video, which is blocked here at school. I urge you to watch it at home, especially if you are taking AP Psych.

2. Sweatshop Video. By a student in California. Put on headphones as the music is essential. After viewing this powerful movie I think you will have a better idea of the potential for video and what superior work looks like. As you can see, this video is about the STORY, not just about stringing images together. (this doesnt seeem to be playing right now in school, I'm working on it)

Encourage your teachers to allow you to use alternative assessments. Then impress them!

I am adapting the HTML assignment: Your quiz will be on Chapter 8. You still must be able to talk about each chapter and the techniques, but I realize we ran out of time and need to make the quiz thing easier.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Final Few Days of Web1

We are slowly winding down.....

I am looking forward to Web2 but I wish we could extend Web1 a bit longer. I think all of the classes are starting to "get it" and I am a bit worried about starting fresh. About half of you are continuing in each class. I will rely on you! Other students will have taken Web1 from other teachers, or even in previous years. They will need help learning about wikis, blogs, and other things you have studied. I will ask for your patience as we "review" accessibility, usability, and learn how to blog and wiki again. I will use you as teachers to help your peers. I think you fully understand what you are doing. I think that surprises some of you, that you actually learned something.

I want to thank you for helping me get used to SHS. I miss my old job in many ways. I especially miss conducting (for the adrenaline) and I really miss coaching (for the adrenaline) but I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning how to teach a new class. As I have said before, I made the sacrifice to spend more time at home and to have the time to go back to school. I remind you to thank your coaches for spending time with you (instead of their own children, family, or friends). They hardly get paid anything, usually get grief from students and parents, and rarely get thanked except at a banquet.

A few practical notes:
1. I will start closing blogs this weekend and convert them to the new classes. If you are not returning you will lose your blog. Encourage your other teachers to join blogmeister! Everyone should be blogging.
2. Clean your drives out. Take any work out of the UDrive. The only thing in there should be your exam.
3. I can't grade any missing work past Friday (I have been more than nice waiting for it). I only have 1-2 people who are excused form this and they know who they are.

Good luck on your exam. It is a difficult exam and I really encourage you to study.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


An email has been sent out to all teachers enforcing a ban on iPods and other music devices. This obviously effects our class.

I know this will effect some of our podcasts, but we must deal with it. Please leave the players at home.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Tech services came yesterday. We tested the JAVA on the machines and they worked. I put a test file in the UDrive and it worked (its still there if you want to check. So.....code problem?? I dont know what the solution is.

We have worked on this all day. We think we started to solve it during Period 5.

Chapter 7-8 is a typo issue.
Chapter 9 is probably an issue with spaces in the code.

Monday, January 08, 2007


We have been having problems with the Java scripts loading on the computers. I thought we had fixed it on Friday, and I submitted another request to Tech Services on Monday when it was apparent it wasnt working.

I know it is frustrating. Be patient. In the mean time I suggest:
1. Plow through the code. At least get msot of it done until we fix the issue.
2. Read the chapters. Really read them. This will get you ahead of the rest of the group.
3. Study for the quiz.
4. Use my desk to check some of the code.


Just a quick note:

If you copy someones work you will get a zero. I have watched some of you try to do this, especially on the coding.

Final Exam

Your final exam will start next week. I wanted to encourage you to study. The exam will have three parts.

1. Vocabulary. You will need to understand the basic terms from our HTML book (Intro-Chapter6). I will only include the more basic terms (no tricks). You can use your outlines that you created for this part of the exam (you can print them out). No books. (20pts)

2. One page memo. You should practice the one page memo. You will be presented with a problem and you will be asked for solutions. Your answer should reflect that you did the readings this semester. Again, study the format and review the readings. Books and computer OK, no human help. 30pts.

3. HTML creation. You will create a basic HTML web site that will reflect the coding you learned this semester. You should be able to code frames, image maps, forms, links, and any other HTML code from the first six chapters. Your pages should reflect accessability and usability standards. Books and computer OK, no human help. 40pts.

4. Network navigation. This section is for the remaining ten points. If you label your files correctly and follow directions for turning the work in you will get full credit for this. No books, computer, or human help. 10pts.

Most of you will need more than the allotted time for the exam. I will post the exam early so you can start early. I haven't figured out exactly how to do that yet, but I hope to work on it today.

Any problems with grades or missing work will close this Friday. Follow the procedure on the board. I will grade final projects Tuesday. I hope to post how to submit your projects soon. This will be a ton of stuff for me to grade, so make it easy for me by having everything done correctly and on time. Remember, I will post your exam grades immediately to

A few project notes:
1. Check the rubrics. Make sure you are following the assignment.
2. Much of the HTML isn't working (the java scripts). I thought we had solved it Friday, but we didnt. I'm working on it...
3. Movies should be saved as movie files (not projects) and put in UDrive for comments. Put comments on directors blog. Do not use copyrighted images or music. Use the open source stuff or create (gasp!) your own. Free sound clips.

We made a downloaded music folder in the UDrive. When you download clips or music put them there, then copy to WDrive for your project. This way we can help each other find things. Be sure to use folders to categorize items!!

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Rachel has done a great job with her FBLA Wiki. I also like the Iraq page that Marcy is developing. Some of you still write in your posts that wikis aren't web design. Well....its on the web....and she designed the page....I don't get what the issue is. I am really starting to see great work from you. I think you notice how many people are watching.

I am making plans for Web Design 2. I have never taught this class before so it will be new all around. A few things I know will happen:

1. We will learn the basics of the DreamWeaver program.
2. We will learn the basics of Flash and Fireworks.
3. We will delve much deeper into design principles (accessability, usability, etc..).
4. We will be very project based.

Youe success will depend on your willingness to work hard. There will be a lot of freedom and I hope the success of the first semester will carry over into the spring.

Friday, January 05, 2007


A few project notes:

1. There are a lot of recent posts in the educational blogs about the future classrooms. It is a hot topic. Use technorati to help you search. A few posts to get you started: Will Richardson, Scott McLeod.
2. I would use interviews for the old classroom information. I bet you can find old textbooks in the library as well. Yearbooks? Has SHS changed much even though the world has grown by leaps and bounds?
3. Keep track of your sources and cite them correctly.

1. Please put a draft of your movie file (WMV) in the UDrive. I have a "final movie" folder there. Label it with your name (JohnnyJ-Iraq-1st draft). Put entry in your blog, ask people to watch it and give you comments/suggestions.
2. Be sure you tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

1. Work on the multimedia (video-sound) part of the wiki. This might be links to CNN videos, etc...but I would prefer that it is embedded in the wiki.
2. Be sure you are citing all of your sources.

1. Be sure you are studying as you go and reading the chapters.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I have been called to jury duty and will not be in Thursday. Please continue to work on your projects. I will try to approve your work Thursday night or Friday morning. Please be sure to put a blog post up of what you do today.

On another note I want to get my clustrmap to register Africa and Russia. How are your clustrmaps doing?

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Good news

Check out the attention we got about the Ayiti game. Blogging is a powerful tool. Excellent post, Rachel.

A few notes about the project so far:

For all:

Check the rubrics! They include a lot of the details about what you should include.


  • On project 8, the java script is blocked by internet explorer. When you make the funwith phonics page it will be a white screen with a picture. It is important to understand WHY we use java scripts before you move on.
  • Project 7 should work fine now.
  • Some of you still insist on not reading the chapter and making this a typing class. Remember, you must be able to orally explain each project/concept and be ready for a quiz.


  • Remember, to tell a story. Beginning, middle, end.
  • You can't use copyrighted images.
  • PLEASE tell a story, dont just string images together.
  • Make sure you talk about the essential question about the topic. What do people need to know?
  • I'm working on finding open-source music. Take some time to search. You probably need creative common licensed music. You cannot use copyrighted music.


  • These seem to be developing. The collaboration seems to be working. I encourage all of you to check the pages out and add comments on the discussion page or make edits yourself.
  • You might need to do some work from home where youtube or google video isn't blocked. You are expected to include some multimedia in your wiki.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Final Project

The pages for the final project are set. I will refine and adapt these pages over the next few days so keep checking back. The rubrics should be up today. This is an opportunity to stretch your wings on a project for two weeks. Impress me. This is your only remaining grade, make it count.

David Warlick (the blogmeister) wrote an interesting blog post on New Years Day. I am trying in this project to work on some of the ideals that he speaks about. I have tried to create independent thinkers where students actively pursue the learning, they don't sit passively and wait for the teacher to dispense knowledge. Many of you have grown tremendously as students during this period.

During these next two weeks you should work intensively on the project. However, please leave time for studying for your final exam. We spent the last two weeks before break reviewing for the exam (so you have a "practice exam") but I will post further practice over the next few days. Remember, three components; 1 page memo, HTML, vocab.

If you have any missing work because you were absent, see me Wednesday. If you have missing work because you fell behind and you didnt do anything over vacation....well, that ship might have sailed.