Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Web Design 2

Welcome to Web Design 2! I know we will have a great time this semester. As I already talked about, we will cover many new things during this semester. We will move out of the world of notepad into the program world of Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks. We will continue to work on our blogs, wikis and other aspects of the read/write web. You will do a lot of writing, reading, analyzing as we aim to improve our communication skills.

Over 99% of the information in the world is digital. Can you find this information, process it, interpret it, and reproduce it in a thoughtful way. That is what this course is about.

We will move faster than Web 1. However, this pace will not be the same for all. I will expect some leaders to emerge shortly who move VERY fast on our projects. This speed will allow us time to work on some exciting things.

Today is grunt work. Please do the following.

1. Go to your W:drive
2. Create a folder "web2"
3. Within the web2 folder create four more folders: Dreamweaver Projects, Flash Projects, Fireworks Projects, Other.

Create an MSWord document. (Web1-Schneider students answer these questions on blogmeister).
1. Save as "Day1" in your Other folder.
2. After watching the Did you Knowmovie please write a 1-2 paragraph reflection. How does this movie relate to your life here in Seymour, CT?
3. What about the future gets you excited? What scares you? Write 3-4 sentances on each question.
4. Bloggers, include 1-2 links in post.
5. Save file.

Good luck!

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