Thursday, January 11, 2007

Final Few Days of Web1

We are slowly winding down.....

I am looking forward to Web2 but I wish we could extend Web1 a bit longer. I think all of the classes are starting to "get it" and I am a bit worried about starting fresh. About half of you are continuing in each class. I will rely on you! Other students will have taken Web1 from other teachers, or even in previous years. They will need help learning about wikis, blogs, and other things you have studied. I will ask for your patience as we "review" accessibility, usability, and learn how to blog and wiki again. I will use you as teachers to help your peers. I think you fully understand what you are doing. I think that surprises some of you, that you actually learned something.

I want to thank you for helping me get used to SHS. I miss my old job in many ways. I especially miss conducting (for the adrenaline) and I really miss coaching (for the adrenaline) but I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning how to teach a new class. As I have said before, I made the sacrifice to spend more time at home and to have the time to go back to school. I remind you to thank your coaches for spending time with you (instead of their own children, family, or friends). They hardly get paid anything, usually get grief from students and parents, and rarely get thanked except at a banquet.

A few practical notes:
1. I will start closing blogs this weekend and convert them to the new classes. If you are not returning you will lose your blog. Encourage your other teachers to join blogmeister! Everyone should be blogging.
2. Clean your drives out. Take any work out of the UDrive. The only thing in there should be your exam.
3. I can't grade any missing work past Friday (I have been more than nice waiting for it). I only have 1-2 people who are excused form this and they know who they are.

Good luck on your exam. It is a difficult exam and I really encourage you to study.

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