Friday, January 26, 2007

What's next?

Today we will finish our pre-assessment. I want to see how you write. Being able to process information and communicate effectively is essential in today's information revolution.

I ask that you do a few things first:
1. Watch the Jeff Han video (use headphones). Han is a leader in the technology world and his use of the touch screen is very cool. How would this impact web design?
2. Go to the Don't Click It site. How does "not clicking" change your experience? Can you see how the technology on this site might be related to the work Jeff Han is doing?

Additional ideas (you may have seen these before):
1. Simulations. Many of you play online games and simulations. You might play with someone who is across the world. This collaboration is a great Web2.0 example. But what about education games? Pilots use flight simulators. Why can't we use simulations in school? Check out Ayiti. Would you rather play the game to learn about the problems in Haiti and other 3rd world countries or do a worksheet?
2. Baby Names. Do you want a book of 1,000s of baby names or use this website? A great example of how web design makes searching easier.

Today's assignment:

  • Go to your blogmeister.
  • Write an article that reflects on the websites you visited. Talk about these websites (and others) in terms of our web design concepts (usability, accessability, etc...). How does this technology improve how we use information? What does a website made in 2007 need to look like?
  • Be sure to include links in your post. Don't say "this article". Make it clickable so people can visit the link.
  • Include a link to this post.
  • Post a substantive comment on another students blog. Reflect on what they say, add a link to an idea, or any other way to increase the collaboration amongst us.
  • Be sure to follow protocal for comments and posts (ethical, no last names, include links, include URL, no email).

It is my goal that by June you are able to create websites that look like they were made in 2007, not 1995. This will be a lot of work. But you MUST agree to some things first (I suggest you write about some of these ideas):

  • Understanding usability is everything. Does your website add value to the world?
  • Read/write web. You must get used to the read/write concept where as you are reading you are already thinking of your response. This is different than if you are reading the newspaper or a novel where there is no conversation. Modern web design is about collaboration (blogs, wikis, etc..).
  • You are part of a new generation that will have incredible power of technology and machines but faces incredible battles (war, oil, global warming, cancer, etc..). How can America and its students compete as the "Shift happens".
  • You will communicate in this new world with video, read/write blogs, email, etc...Most of you do this already. Assignments and strategies in education from even five years ago are invalid now. You must insist that resources are provided that teach you to be preared for 2017, not 1987. For example, its great to know how to write a paper, but you REALLY need to know how to make and edit a movie to survive in this new age.


GlobalKids said...

Seymour, I am from Global Kids, the creators of the Ayiti game. If any of your students blog about the game, please let us know, so we can link to those entries from our own blog:

Barry Joseph
Online Leadership Director
Global Kids

Mr. Schneider said...

My students should make sure they put this link in their blog post if they talk about Ayiti.

GlobalKids said...

As long as the include the url to the game we will see it. Thanks!