Friday, January 05, 2007


A few project notes:

1. There are a lot of recent posts in the educational blogs about the future classrooms. It is a hot topic. Use technorati to help you search. A few posts to get you started: Will Richardson, Scott McLeod.
2. I would use interviews for the old classroom information. I bet you can find old textbooks in the library as well. Yearbooks? Has SHS changed much even though the world has grown by leaps and bounds?
3. Keep track of your sources and cite them correctly.

1. Please put a draft of your movie file (WMV) in the UDrive. I have a "final movie" folder there. Label it with your name (JohnnyJ-Iraq-1st draft). Put entry in your blog, ask people to watch it and give you comments/suggestions.
2. Be sure you tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

1. Work on the multimedia (video-sound) part of the wiki. This might be links to CNN videos, etc...but I would prefer that it is embedded in the wiki.
2. Be sure you are citing all of your sources.

1. Be sure you are studying as you go and reading the chapters.

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