Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dreamweaver Projects

As suspected many of you are flying through the Project. Take it at your own pace. A few things you must do:

1. Make daily blog posts or comments. Demonstrate evidence of thought, readings, and growth. Add to the discussion. "Hi John, I can't wait for lunch" is not an acceptable comment.

2. Finish your outline.

3. Start using the practice test. There are no notes in the quiz so study!

Since some of you might finish today I am rushing to get the extras set up. I will ask you to do the following (we will all do the same assignments this time). I encourage you to work together on these parts of the project. Sometimes it helps to talk through the steps with a partner.

1. Apply Your Knowledge (Lawn Service)
2. In the Lab 3 (Plant City)
3. Cases and Places 5 (student trips)

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