Monday, January 29, 2007


Dreamweaver is the primary text for this class.

Before you start create a new folder in your WDrive-Dreamweaver folder called "Project 1".

Please check the following:

1. What number book you have. Please double check this every day. You are responsible for this book. It is shared with the five other classes.

2. Our book work follows this sequence: read-outline-project-quiz.

  • First, read the chapter. Get a general understanding of what you will be learning.
  • Outline the basic concepts and terms. Save each outline in your Dreamweaver folder.
  • Do the project for each chapter. Follow the directions.
  • Prepare for the Learn it Online quiz.

3. This book is more advanced than the HTML book. The author will show you how to do something once, than expect you to know how to do it. For example, the first time they will go through all the steps for adding images (click here, drag here, etc...). During the next chapter they just say "add images". Pay attention!

4. Use the resources provided. Powerpoint, Learn it Online, the blogs, classmates, etc... We will learn a lot over the next few days.

5. The files you need are in the UDrive--WebSchneider.

Note: pages 1.12 through page 1.20 will require some network navigation. Create your "parks" folder in your WDrive-Dreamweaver-Project1 folder. Read carefully and ask if you are not sure.

Good luck.

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