Saturday, January 06, 2007


Rachel has done a great job with her FBLA Wiki. I also like the Iraq page that Marcy is developing. Some of you still write in your posts that wikis aren't web design. Well....its on the web....and she designed the page....I don't get what the issue is. I am really starting to see great work from you. I think you notice how many people are watching.

I am making plans for Web Design 2. I have never taught this class before so it will be new all around. A few things I know will happen:

1. We will learn the basics of the DreamWeaver program.
2. We will learn the basics of Flash and Fireworks.
3. We will delve much deeper into design principles (accessability, usability, etc..).
4. We will be very project based.

Youe success will depend on your willingness to work hard. There will be a lot of freedom and I hope the success of the first semester will carry over into the spring.

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