Monday, January 22, 2007

Exam Summary

Exams are over. I have 1-2 student taking exams tomorrow. Grades are on

Summary exam averages:
Period 1: 84.6
Period 2: 79.4
Period 4: 82.4
Period 5: 82.2
Period 6: 81.5

A few notes:

Memo: The number one problem was not following the format. This made your memos very unclear. Some of you turned in an entire page without using paragraphs. Second, how long should a one page memo be? Why would you turn in a second page?

Those of you who included evidence from readings, thank you! I was surprised more of you didnt talk about the $100 laptop we read about.

HTML: Some very good websites. Some of you get too creative with colors. Less is more. But overall you understand this very well.

Vocab: Some of you nailed it. Some of you needed to study.

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