Monday, January 08, 2007

Final Exam

Your final exam will start next week. I wanted to encourage you to study. The exam will have three parts.

1. Vocabulary. You will need to understand the basic terms from our HTML book (Intro-Chapter6). I will only include the more basic terms (no tricks). You can use your outlines that you created for this part of the exam (you can print them out). No books. (20pts)

2. One page memo. You should practice the one page memo. You will be presented with a problem and you will be asked for solutions. Your answer should reflect that you did the readings this semester. Again, study the format and review the readings. Books and computer OK, no human help. 30pts.

3. HTML creation. You will create a basic HTML web site that will reflect the coding you learned this semester. You should be able to code frames, image maps, forms, links, and any other HTML code from the first six chapters. Your pages should reflect accessability and usability standards. Books and computer OK, no human help. 40pts.

4. Network navigation. This section is for the remaining ten points. If you label your files correctly and follow directions for turning the work in you will get full credit for this. No books, computer, or human help. 10pts.

Most of you will need more than the allotted time for the exam. I will post the exam early so you can start early. I haven't figured out exactly how to do that yet, but I hope to work on it today.

Any problems with grades or missing work will close this Friday. Follow the procedure on the board. I will grade final projects Tuesday. I hope to post how to submit your projects soon. This will be a ton of stuff for me to grade, so make it easy for me by having everything done correctly and on time. Remember, I will post your exam grades immediately to

A few project notes:
1. Check the rubrics. Make sure you are following the assignment.
2. Much of the HTML isn't working (the java scripts). I thought we had solved it Friday, but we didnt. I'm working on it...
3. Movies should be saved as movie files (not projects) and put in UDrive for comments. Put comments on directors blog. Do not use copyrighted images or music. Use the open source stuff or create (gasp!) your own. Free sound clips.

We made a downloaded music folder in the UDrive. When you download clips or music put them there, then copy to WDrive for your project. This way we can help each other find things. Be sure to use folders to categorize items!!

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