Monday, January 01, 2007

Final Project

The pages for the final project are set. I will refine and adapt these pages over the next few days so keep checking back. The rubrics should be up today. This is an opportunity to stretch your wings on a project for two weeks. Impress me. This is your only remaining grade, make it count.

David Warlick (the blogmeister) wrote an interesting blog post on New Years Day. I am trying in this project to work on some of the ideals that he speaks about. I have tried to create independent thinkers where students actively pursue the learning, they don't sit passively and wait for the teacher to dispense knowledge. Many of you have grown tremendously as students during this period.

During these next two weeks you should work intensively on the project. However, please leave time for studying for your final exam. We spent the last two weeks before break reviewing for the exam (so you have a "practice exam") but I will post further practice over the next few days. Remember, three components; 1 page memo, HTML, vocab.

If you have any missing work because you were absent, see me Wednesday. If you have missing work because you fell behind and you didnt do anything over vacation....well, that ship might have sailed.

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