Monday, March 31, 2008

New Week

Web 1 and Web 2 (Period 4) exams must be complete by Wednesday.

Checklist for exam:
1. Web 2 and Web 1: Do you have a link to a blog on your subject?
2. Citations are formatted properly.
3. Alt text, titled pages, etc...
4. Saved in Udrive correctly, checked all files.

When Done:
1. Save folder in udrive: bschneiderdogs-DONE. When it is marked Done I know to grade it.
2. Complete and score evaluation and submit on blog.
3. Move on in tutorials or book.

One note:

For Dreamweaver movies vs. Windows Movie Maker. Go to Flash. Import the movie you made in Movie Maker. When you save the movie in Flash you can then embed that Flash movie in Dreamweaver.

Web 4: This is the final day for Thinkquest. Triple-check your work on the thinkquest site. Please do the evaluation when you are done.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


OK, its Tuesday and still no baby. Its got to happen soon...

Web 4: Try to get final drafts of your diversity and collaboration pieces in my hands today. I will post your sites to thinkquest on Monday whether I am in school or not. Be certain that you have checked all your sources. Triple check that the site works on thinkquest.

Web 2 and Web 1: We will briefly review noodletools and how to properly cite your information. Remember, if you include ten pictures in a video, you need to cite them.

For all: Here is an audacity tutorial if you are interested in exploring it further.

All of you should read this report from the NY Times about bullying. What can you do to make sure this is a safe school where things like this do not happen?

Thursday, March 20, 2008


All students will be working on their projects today.

Web 4 students should be exploring the idea of video. A new version of their thinkquest paragraphs should be submitted to me as well.

Web 1 and Web 2 students must answer the following on their blog today:

  • What are the 3-5 main points that answer your question?
  • Include at least one link to your primary, or best source.

At this point Web 1 and Web 2 students will be locked into their topic. No more switching.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Today Web 1 and Web 2 will review Movie Maker. Short, 30 second movies can be powerful vehicles for your message. Each of these videos has over 3000 views.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blog Entries

Web 4:

Please evaluate your rough draft using the language from the evaluation criteria. You should focus on between 5-7 of the bulleted points. Please include points that you think you did well on, and points you think you must improve over the next week. Your blog entry should be formatted using bullets (unordered list: UL).

It is important to take time to reflect on your work before we jump ahead for the final draft. Take the time to analyze your work so you can build on your strengths and try to improve your weaknesses.

Web 2 and Web 1:

Please submit a blog entry that answers the following questions:

  • Which topic will you choose? Why?
  • You have looked at several examples. List 3-5 characteristics of a successful exam.
  • What will be your biggest challenge for this exam (research, technical things, etc...)??

Monday, March 17, 2008


Today we will launch the exams for Web 1 and Web 2.

Both Web 1 and Web 2 have the same exam questions. If you were in my class for Web 1 you will recognize the format and questions. I repeat the questions on purpose. I want to see how you have developed your design skills and techniques.

This is a serious research project. You will need to follow directions and be sure to cite your work correctly.

In conjunction with the project I will be doing a series of short demonstrations of programs we have on your computer. You might decide to incorporate these techniques into your project.

Of course, our baby is still due. So soon I will need to take care of that. Hopefully I can make it through today and fully explain the exam.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Due Dates

Any work for Project 3 (including quiz) will be due by the end of class on Friday. No exceptions!

If you are in Web 1 you should not move on to Project 4. Help your classmates get done.

If you are in Web 2 then you SHOULD move on to Project 4. I will add more notes later but let it be known that the Flash buttons will probably not work in this project.

Web 4? Tick tock tick tock. Monday's rough draft deadline approaches.

Get it done.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Some interesting articles this weekend in the NY Times. Please be sure to write or comment about one, or all, of these articles in your blog.

The first is about athletic scholarships for college and all the misinformation that is out there. Athletes are continually surprised at how many scholarships are actually out there. I can't tell you how many times I hear of coaches or trainers saying they have the "secrets" for getting scholarships.

A second article is the growing trend of academic scholarships. This was talked about by the coaches in the first article, that you have a MUCH better chance of getting a full ride academic scholarship. MIT just announced that if your family income is under $75,000 per year that they will waive tuition for accepted students. Several other schools have adopted similar programs.

Finally, there is an article about paying students to excel. This article focusses on younger students. Many people object to this idea, that students should receive cash for getting high marks. However, I do see some inconsistencies as we certainly support "paying" students by giving academic scholarships.

And, this one is just for fun. What do you think about texting?

So, what do you think? Be sure to include links to the articles in your blog entry. Web communications is about taking many sources and forming your own message. This is how we practice. Your article should be a few paragraphs long (at least) and should invite more conversation. If people leave comments, then you made a good article.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Web 1 and Web 2 students should be working on Project 3. If you finish Project 3 please do not move on to project 4 yet. We do several activities (including a big exam) between these projects.

If "done" please work on:
1. Web2 Quiz.
2. Web 1 Quiz. Take your quiz from Project 1 (your class schedule). Code this project again, but use tables to format the page and your schedule.
3. Blog connections. Several of you choose colors on your blog that are hard to read like this or this . Please change this!!