Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rounding the Turn

I am beginning to formulate ideas for 2007-08 school year. Last year was my first year in the system and overall I think it went very well. I am thinking of four major strategies as we approach the year:

1. Publish. Lots of blog work, weebly work and I hope to publish either one really good book or a series of shorter ones using Lulu.
2. Lots of interaction between the levels. Our program has doubled in size and we are expanding the offerings for 2008-09. Creating the scope and sequence for this will involve lots of students. Students will work hard on wiki and other tools to help create connections between the different web classes.
3. Be ready for new stuff. I really think we can do a lot more with mobile and video. Lets see how much we can convince the powers that be.
4. Interaction with the community. Teachers, students, parents, senior citizens can benefit from our students knowledge and we hope to create regular opportunities for this interaction.

Ideas? Please email me or comment.