Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final Exam

Web 2 Final Exam is below. Choose the assignment appropriate for your topic.

Be sure to save final copy properly in UDrive before the bell rings for your exam. TEST IT!!!

You are the editor of the Missouri Times. It is November 7, 2006. Your state is the only state that the Northern Democrats won. Your state has played a strong role in the slavery debate through the Missouri compromise and that information is important to your readers (and is perhaps why they voted for Douglas).
Prepare a breaking news website that reflects the results of the election.

You are the editor of the Capulet Times. You have just heard that Juliet may have died and Romeo is missing. Your newspaper is owned by the Capulet family.
Prepare a breaking news website that reflects this news.

You are the webmaster for the Madrid Times. It is July 2, 1898. You have to be as objective as possible, but you know the King of Spain reads your paper and has huge influence.
Prepare a breaking news website that reflects the events of July 1.

You are the editor for the Chicago Tribune. It is August 27, 1968 and the Democratic Convention is experiencing more and more protests. Many of your reporters sympathize with the protesters and you support the free speech of the protesters. However, many of your readers think the police are correct to “restore order”.
Prepare a breaking news website that reports the growing protests at the convention.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Many of you are creating extensive pages and Flash as you prepare for the exam.

I want to be clear. I have an expectation that your work will display four full class periods plus the exam. I feel that some of you think you can play games for a few days and pass. I promise you that is not the case.

On Monday I expect to spend most of the day working on the Appeals Jury for those who have attendance issues. If there are any exam issues while I am gone please leave them on your blog and I will get to them Monday afternoon.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Exempt Seniors

By my calculations the following eleven seniors are exempt from exams:

Final Exam

Here is the exam. We will discuss it in class.

After the discussion please see me at my desk if there are any errors on teacherease. I am grading projects as fast as I can.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Your project evaluations are due by the end of class today. If you are doing any edits to entries please do that by the end of the period as well.

I have started to post grades on teacherease. The track meet has been rescheduled for today so I will miss more class time today. I am grading as fast as I can.

I will try to post senior exemptions by the end of the day Thursday.

I am almost done with the final exam. We will discuss it in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

End of The Year

You never know what a year will bring. At this time last year I was preparing my students for their honors recitals, collecting uniforms, and preparing for the summer music program.
One year later I am completing my first year at Seymour High School. It has been an interesting year. Many of you have been with me since that first day in September, some joined us in January. I want to thank you for all your hard work along the way.
I have tried hard to teach you in a modern way. I learn alongside you. I teach with you, not TO you. This is the school 2.0 we have talked about. Many of you resisted this. I know it would be more comfortable for some of you for me to read the directions out of the book. On the flip side, many of you would have gone off the deep end if I did that.
My goal was to make you independent learners. Yes, that meant sometimes I didn't answer your question. Sorry.
So, what's next? I hope you stay on top of technology. Be the "tuned in" person. That will give you a HUGE advantage in interviews for schools or jobs. If you are the person people depend on for the latest information you are invaluable to a company.
Remember that an impression is lasting. So many of you made a lasting impression on me with your work. Having people advocate for you is incredibly powerful. You want people on your team that sing your praises. A bad impression spreads like wildfire.
Don't submit work you aren't proud of. If it has your name it that should stand for something. No matter what line of work you go into, showing pride in your workmanship is essential. You don't want your plumber saying "Yeah, what do I have to do to pass?". You don't want your doctor saying "I didn't really pay attention in that class".
Most of all, work on your collaboration skills. Isolation is the enemy of improvement.
Today: Evaluations of projects, comments on blogs, and final exam suggestions.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tech Fair Day

All work for the final project must be submitted by the end of your class period on Monday. Double check your work in the Udrive!

Please begin the evaluation. The evaluation is a test grade and is designed for you to show evidence that you understand the objectives of the class. Be sure to answer the questions correctly!

The Tech Fair is Monday from 6-8pm. I hope you will come to show off your work. Those of you presenting should be completely ready for questions, comments, etc... Set-up by 5:45pm. I will be here all afternoon.