Monday, March 31, 2008

New Week

Web 1 and Web 2 (Period 4) exams must be complete by Wednesday.

Checklist for exam:
1. Web 2 and Web 1: Do you have a link to a blog on your subject?
2. Citations are formatted properly.
3. Alt text, titled pages, etc...
4. Saved in Udrive correctly, checked all files.

When Done:
1. Save folder in udrive: bschneiderdogs-DONE. When it is marked Done I know to grade it.
2. Complete and score evaluation and submit on blog.
3. Move on in tutorials or book.

One note:

For Dreamweaver movies vs. Windows Movie Maker. Go to Flash. Import the movie you made in Movie Maker. When you save the movie in Flash you can then embed that Flash movie in Dreamweaver.

Web 4: This is the final day for Thinkquest. Triple-check your work on the thinkquest site. Please do the evaluation when you are done.

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