Thursday, January 25, 2007

HTML Pre-Assessment

We will finish the HTML pre-assessment today. I have been impressed that almost all of you have had no trouble with this assignment. Todays assignment is about adapting to code changes.

There are always changes with any work order. Your web design boss has seen your draft and wants you to make the following changes:

1. She wants the background color to match the blue heading on this blogspot page. Coded Color Slider (put this in link in your favorites!!)
2. She really likes the two news links that are visual (the Newsmap and the Daylife). She wants you to find one other site that has a very high usability factor (mix of visual and text, obvious focus, easy to use and find information). Use google, technorati, the class wiki, or this blog to find the "coolest site ever". Include link on your website.
3. She wants an email link so people can leave comments. Email address is
4. She asks that you take a few minutes and view the source of some of these pages. Please ask a classmate if you don't remember how to do this. See if you can include one element or idea (such as a specific code or design principal) from these pages in your HTML page.

I will be working today to get the blogmeisters assigned to all the new bloggers. Be patient.

Students with blogs should all leave a reflection today about the first three days of Web2.

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