Friday, January 12, 2007


I have talked a lot about how traditional ways of assessment aren't always productive. Here are two examples of video that are truly outstanding by high school students.

1. AP Psychology: Sleep Disorders. This is a youtube video, which is blocked here at school. I urge you to watch it at home, especially if you are taking AP Psych.

2. Sweatshop Video. By a student in California. Put on headphones as the music is essential. After viewing this powerful movie I think you will have a better idea of the potential for video and what superior work looks like. As you can see, this video is about the STORY, not just about stringing images together. (this doesnt seeem to be playing right now in school, I'm working on it)

Encourage your teachers to allow you to use alternative assessments. Then impress them!

I am adapting the HTML assignment: Your quiz will be on Chapter 8. You still must be able to talk about each chapter and the techniques, but I realize we ran out of time and need to make the quiz thing easier.

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