Wednesday, October 17, 2012


PBIS: We received a gift certificate from Target.  If that is your letterplease write a thank you letter.  I have envelopes.



We will be spending some time in wikipedia.  I want you to read, edit, and comment on articles.  Wikipedia is a very, very powerful tool for communication.

Step 1: Create an account in wikipedia.  This should work today.  If it is IP address blocking you try this procedure.

Step 2: Complete the tutorial.  Wikipedia's editing rules are serious.  

Step 3: Begin editing the Seymour High School page.  Follow the wikipedia rules to decide:

  • What is relevant?
  • What can you provide sources for?
  • How should you format the entries and edits?
You WILL get almost immediate feedback from other editors on the site.  Be polite, be thoughtful, and above all be correct!

Step 4: Edit additional articles that may interest you.  Anything that is school appropriate.  I expect this to be an ongoing process.

How will I evaluate you?  Good question.
  • Quality:
    • Do your edits follow the format for wikipedia?  
    • Do the edits get rejected by other editors?
    • Do you add value to Wikipedia?
    • Did you finish the tutorial and show evidence of that work in your editing?
  • Quantity:
    • You should have between 10-15 substantive edits (not fixing typos, etc...) before October 31.  This will be hard for some of you.
    • I should see some edits over a period of time (not all on one day).  This is to show that you are checking your work and responding to other editors.
    • Edits survive on at least two pages.
  • Collaboration:
    • Do you help classmates as you complete the tutorial?
    • Do you utilize the chat functions to communicate with other editors?
    • Do your edits respect other viewpoints?

In addition:

1. Everyone does Google A Day.
2. If you are missing blog entries (Halloween?, 2nd podcast with link?) do that now.
3. Everyone must have at least four comments on Soundcloud podcasts.
4. Some of you will work on podcasts, especially sports podcasts.  Podcast #3 is due by October 31.
5. A few of you are working on PBIS videos.
6. Code Avenger.  Try to finish courses.  This wil be homework after today.


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