Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 Day Project

I'm going to give you a series of items to work on today.  Do ALL the activities and choose any TWO to write about on your blog (with links!!).

1. Check out a Google Skills List.  Try some of them.  Have you been using Google effectively?
2. Do any of those skills help you solve todays Google Puzzle?
3. Can you win Third World Farmer?  How do games help you learn?  Being a 3rd world farmer can be frustrating and hard and life just isn't fair is it?
4. Are Theo Jansen creatures alive?  Why or why not?
5. Take five minutes and look at Book Creator and Show Me on the iPad.
6. Leave a comment on a 1st graders blog, here, or here.  Be sure to log in first if on blogmeister and leave SUPER nice and SUPER polite short entries for the kids.  On the other sites if it asks for your blog be sure to copy the correct address of YOUR blog.  Find some other blogs on the front page of blogmeister.  Hint: they will come back and read your blog.  Be ready!

What am I grading:
1. Can you follow directions?
2. Can you process information from many sources and accomplish a task (leave comments, write, etc...)?
3. Can you work effectively with others?

I am hoping to grade your blogs this weekend.  Please edit any blogs that need editing.  Each blog should include links, a Title, have no spelling errors or typos, and be solid writing.  Double check all of them and make sure you have submitted all.

If you finish tackle some more Flash or Fireworks tutorials.

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