Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Web Design

In the dark ages, back when I was in high school, the "cool" thing to have was an electric typewriter. It would display 3-4 words at a time and you could add and subtract text before it typed. I wasn't that cool, so I typed my papers on a regular typewriter with a ribbon.

When I went to Oberlin for my BA I used an Apple for my composing. I actually used the same program I use today (I use a much newer version now). There was some email, but it was only between colleges.

When I got my masters at Syracuse I had a laptop that could do basic things (no email). But it could print, use MS Word and Excel, and do statistics programs that I needed.

The rate of technology acceleration is incredible. Only ten years ago it would be common not to even own a computer. Now there can be 2-3 in a house. Anyone can publish their thoughts. ANYONE can blog or publish from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME using a mobile phone. That is how we get a free exchange of information. And information is power.

I am trying in this class to give you the opportunity to use these tools to accumulate information and thus power. If you can use these tools effectively you can have a much stronger voice in the world. These tools are changing constantly. But the obvious truth is that barriers are coming down. ANYONE can type and save and publish (how many of you were surprised how easy the wikispaces were?). It has never been easier.

So, only ten years ago email was "odd". What will the new "must have" technology be? Will you be ready for it? Now that you CAN have a voice and DO have a voice, will you use it??

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