Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today is a half day. I also have my first graduate exam tonight. The exam is in supervision. Basically I get a packet about a teacher which includes information about their lesson, the schoool, etc...Then I watch a ten minute video of a lesson. I have four major questions to answer. Its a lot of writing. Next week I have my school improvement exam.

Please study for tomorrows test. Several of you have exams to turn in. Almost all of you have completed the Project Six.

I found some tools for using Google maps. Using this tool would greatly enhance any project that is history or map related. by using the bookmarks you can add text and links to any site on the map. For example, if you were doing a report on the Civil War you could bookmark all the battle sites, include links and photos, and a timeline. You could also view how the land has changed. Might make some of your powerpoint assignments more interesting?? Give it a shot.

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