Monday, April 23, 2012

Flash Replication Project

Create/name a folder. Call it first initial last name flash (bschneiderFlash)
  • Set up a basic HTML page.  Name it "home".  Title it "Awesome Flash Animations".
  • Be sure all your items are in the same folder.
  • Embed a shiny headline into the webpage.  When you create the movie be sure the canvas is the correct size (long and thin)
    • Center it
    • Use the <embed src="shiny text.swf" align=center> command to embed the movie title.  Note that you are embedding the Movie, not the Flash file.
  • Create two Flash Animations
    • Stick Figure I give you direction for this.
    • Flowers I don't give you directions for this.  Solve the puzzle!
  • Put the two animations in a 1 row table. You may need to play with the height/width of the movies.
    • <Table align="center" border="1">
    • <TR>
    • <TD><embed src="stick.swf"></TD>
    • <TD><embed src="flower.swf"></TD>
    • </TR>
All of the tutorials (text, stick, flower) I encourage you to be creative.  Feel free to stick to the script, but once you "get it" I would like to see you take it to the next level.
Copy your folder to the UDrive.

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